​Fran Drescher Speaks at Fourth Annual Breast Cancer Summit


“The Nanny” TV star Fran Drescher along with over 500 breast cancer survivors, support groups, and health officials gathered at the Coral House for the Fourth Annual Breast Cancer Summit on October 7, 2014. Health Officials and doctors discussed the latest innovations, treatments, and services for women with breast cancer.

Dr. Roger L. Simpson, plastic and reconstructive surgeon from the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group, the largest plastic surgical practice in the United States, recommended women “seek good physicians, ask the right questions, and know there are so many treatments available to them.” Simpson stressed the importance of reconstruction immediately after detection. Plastic surgeons try to create breast symmetry between the operated side and the normal side using implants or tissue from their patients’ bodies. Many women testified during the summit about how Dr. Simpson helped give them their confidence back after reconstructive surgery.

The Emmy- and Golden Globe-nominated actress Fran is also a uterine cancer survivor and advocate for the Cancer Schmancer Movement. Drescher shared her own story about how she was misdiagnosed because her doctors did not order the proper diagnostic tests. Women need to not only be patients – they need to act as informed medical consumers. Drescher is working hard to improve Women’s Healthcare in America and make sure what happened to her does not happen to others.


“I got famous, then I got cancer, and now I live to talk about ​it.”

“Turning pain into purpose is very healing.”

Drescher proceeded to speak about how 90 percent of cancer is environmentally stimulated. In other words, it is important to live your life taking preventative measures to avoid getting sick. It is vital to question what you put in your body, put on your skin, what you clean your home with and garden with. So many people live their lives buying without questioning. Drescher advocated detoxing your home and buying products that are organic, GMO free, and natural. “If you buy a strawberry that is not organic you might as well be eating a sponge soaked with pesticides” exclaimed Fran Drescher.

Fran Drescher’s speech had style, had flair and she cares!  Exactly why she received a lifetime achievement award for her advocacy for raising cancer awareness.

To find out more about the Cancer Schmancer movement go to www.cancerschmancer.org

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