From The Bronx To MTV’s The Real World Ex-Plosions, An Interview With Jay Gotti


For the first time in MTV history, The Real World cast mates and theirs exes are brought together to live under the same roof in “Real World: Ex-Plosion.” Expect loyalty to be tested, tempers to flare and romance to sizzle (and fizzle). Real World Ex-Plosion star Jay Gotti sat down with LIB Magazine to give us the inside scoop about this year’s season.

LIB:  How does the Real World Ex-Plosion differ from previous seasons of the Real World?

Gotti: This is the first time ever that MTV has changed the format of the show. Without the original cast members knowledge MTV brought in our EXES! It’s an insane twist that leads to crazy situations. It is something that has never been done before and I think entertainment wise it worked for the show.

LIB: Were you more shocked or happy when Jenna showed up on the show?

Gotti: [I] think it’s a combination of both honestly. Initially it is shocking. You’re sitting there like what the heck just happened. It was so unexpected I was just thrown off. I went on the Real World Explosion to experience something new and see what I could make of it and now my EX girlfriend is standing in my kitchen! But at the same time you’re happy to see a familiar face and excited to see what could potentially happen next.

LIB: How does the club life in California differ from New York?

Gotti: The club life in CA is way different than in New York. First of all, the clubs close at 2am in San Francisco and 4am in New York! How can you close a club at 2am when it gets good at 12:30am? The clubs in CA treated us very well. Many clubs including Manor West, Infusion Lounge, and Playland even allowed me to emcee/host a few times. I love hosting nightclubs so it made my time in CA much better.

LIB: I heard you are very into working out, what is your typical workout routine?

Gotti: I am a big gym rat. My favorite workouts are CrossFit days. I usually workout 4 days a week at a regular gym for 1-2 hours and then 3 days a week I do CrossFit workouts which are really intense. I love to do Spartan races and mud runs also! Have to prepare incase I get a call for “The Challenge.”

LIB: How has being on the Real World changed your life?

Gotti: A lot has changed since the show. I have met some great people from other reality shows like Elizabeth Ann from “Tough Love” and Alicia DiMichele from “Mob Wives.” These are awesome people I never thought I would meet. I have also picked up sponsors such as Top Notch Era and A big change is my social media has gone crazy since the show aired.  It’s awesome to see people rooting me on and showing love. Without fans we would be nothing.

LIB: What were your friends and family’s reactions after the first episode of the Real World Explosion aired?

Gotti: Thankfully my family and friends were proud of me. They are all happy I made it this far and enjoyed watching me on TV. My dad has told me he is so proud that I came so far on my own and my mother is my biggest supporter.

LIB: What is next for you?

Gotti: The next step is to continue on this journey and take it to the next level. I want to make it onto MTV’s “The Challenge.” I also want to try and host my own show. With the help of my good friend Johnny Donovan I am trying to make my way to the top. My biggest challenge and where a lot of my focus will be is, a company I started to help raise money for cancer charity foundations. 5% of all sales made are donated to charity cancer foundations. It’s a chance for me to help people fight back against cancer after growing up watching my mom suffer from cancer.  I hope I can reach out to more people and help someone else fight back.

LIB: Jay, good luck with your charity and all future endeavors. Follow @JayGMTV on Instagram and Twitter! Don’t miss

MTV’S Real World Ex-Plosion, Wednesdays @ 10/9c

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