Interview with Steven Turner, CEO of SimulTV


If you’re sick of shelling out the big bucks for traditional cable television packages that come jam-packed with channels that you’ll never even watch, you can always cut the cord and use SimulTV instead. According to SimulTV’s official website, for only $5.99 a month SimulTV allows you to watch all of your favorite shows while chatting with family and friends around the globe from any device. Whether it’s an iPod or your Android phone, SimulTV users can share their favorite television shows with their friends and still never miss an episode!

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Interview with Mr. Steven Turner, CEO Of SimulTV

LIB: Where did you come up with the idea for SimulTV?

Steven Turner: I came up with the idea while I was watching football with my family and talking on the phone with my brother about the game at the same time.

LIB: What made you decide to become a sponsor for the 15 Annual NYC Chinatown New Year parade?

Steven Turner: We are very proud to offer exclusively on SimulTV the content from the largest film studio in China, which is China Huace. So we felt it was perfect timing to start this launch at the 15th Annual NYC Chinatown New Year parade as a way to show how both an American and Chinese company can build together.

LIB: Do you think broadcast networks such as SimulTV will be the new normal in the near future?

Turner: Yes, but this is just a starting point and we have much more planned for the next few years as well.

LIB: What does the future of SimulTV hold?

Steven Turner: I will leave that in the hands of our viewers; as we will listen to what they want and work to provide the best solutions for them.

LIB: With companies such as Netflix on the rise, do you think that traditional cable companies will die out?

Steven Turner: Honestly, all dinosaurs evolve or die off. Sadly, that’s just the way it is sometimes.

LIB: Why should prospective users go for SimulTV instead of the usual cable packages? What, in your opinion, makes SimulTV better than the traditional cable companies or services like Netflix?

Steven Turner: Our tech is better but for the regular user that might not matter all that much. However, the main reasons why I think people will join is: price, unique content, family-friendly content for the kids, and best of all, you can share a digital living room with up to eight people anywhere in the world so you can stay connected. Plus, you can have Twitter and Facebook on the same screen on any screen, which is always a big draw for the Millennial generation too.

LIB: Thank you for taking the time out to talk to us, Mr. Turner. We hope you have a good day!

So, if you’re sick of shelling out money for traditional cable packages, why not get ahead in the race for the future of television and sign up for SimulTV? Not only will it help you save money, but you’ll be able to share your love for your favorite shows and maybe even discover new favorites by seeing what your friends and family watch too!

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