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This 22 Jump Street review is here to inform you that this movie will not be winning any Oscars this year. This isn’t a mind-bending, subvert-your-expectations kind of movie, it is exactly the ridiculously over the top exercise in silliness that it presents itself as and that you probably already saw the first time around. While Jump Street loses some of its’ originality in openly rehashing the plot of the first film (and openly mocking this repetition as well), it is still an enjoyable, if not especially memorable, little comedy.

In the second Jump Street film, cops Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, under Ice Cube’s direction, once again go undercover as students to find drug dealers within a school, this time at college. None of this matters in the slightest, because if you are considering seeing 21 Jump Street, it wasn’t for the plot, and in 22 Jump Street the plot, along with any superficial resemblance to reality, disappears entirely. While the first movie had a simple plot to focus its own comedy, which contained some genuinely clever moments, the sequel has only the flimsiest excuse for a plot to connect a series of jokes about the movies themselves instead of comedy concerning the actual plotline. Where the new movie’s sense of humor differs is that it is not directed at the internal ridiculousness of the story, but at the film industry existing in the real world, with constant references to actors pasts (Ice Cube’s character’s wife is straight outta Compton, but he’s from Northridge), the state of the budget for the police department (read: production company), and comments about how the public only wants an exact rehash of the first movie’s operation to copy it’s success. While the excessive presence of this same joke does, as you would probably imagine, get tiresome, it is this excessiveness and the semi-awareness of the boundaries of the film that lead to some of the movies funniest moments by launching it from a silly comedic movie into a realm of pure insanity.

All in all, 22 Jump Street is, predictably, not a life changing experience. By sacrificing any actual plot development to a single repeated, albeit pretty funny, line of comedy, it loses a lot of the writing that made the first movie clever and rewatchable, whereas this movie will most likely keep you laughing for two hours and then never enter your mind again. If you’re looking for something that will keep you thinking after you walk out of the theater, that might make you want to take a second look at it, and that will have you in admiration of the talent of those who created it, then you should probably take a pass on 22 Jump Street. This is not a movie with such lofty goals. But if you thought the first movie was fun and if you think it’s worth the twelve bucks to turn off your brain and have some effortless laughs for a couple hours (and who doesn’t need to turn off their brain every once in a while?) then you might consider taking a break to watch this movie. I can guarantee it will not be worth your time, but you just might enjoy it for a little while.

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