The best hangover foods


After a long weekend of drinking at places like Great South Bay Brewery, Eclectic Ales or Long Ireland we asked ourselves what’s the best hangover foods? This isn’t necessarily a list dedicated to foods that will make you feel better, but rather foods that we crave when hungover. Water is for amateurs- so lets not mention it. So crack open another beer (at this point why not,) prop your head up and lets go!












5- Soup dumplings. Soup dumplings (Xiaolongbao in Chinese) made this list because who doesn’t crave soup filled in little pouches of dough, even if your not “in the cups?” While enjoying this use Green Tea as a chaser. Trust me! Our favorite soup dumpling joint is Joe Shanghai, in downtown Flushing.


4- Eggs. The incredible edible egg. It dose not matter much if it started sunny side up, hard or soft boiled, over easy- in this condition they always end up scrambled. Why not add some bacon and a roll and make the quintessential New York Sandwich- the bacon egg and cheese. It won’t make you feel and better but it shouldn’t make you feel any worse either.

3- Ginger. Unlike the other remedies, fresh Ginger will actually help. Ginger improves digestion, thanks to the level of gingerol, zingerone and shogals ginger also help the body to stop vomiting. Did we mention it’s an antioxidant too?



Fresh Ginger

2- Wings. The classic hangover food. A delicate blend of chicken, oil and spice help all feel a little better. I guess that’s why bars serve them. My favorite wing place is Roadhouse Empanadas and Wings. They sell wing made by Even Flow chef Danny Wingman… sorry I mean Wiseman.

Roadhouse Empanada and Wings

Honorable Mentions

White Castles- It just seems like a good idea… Until the next day!

1- More beer. Drink enough, you will forget why your drinking! Please stay away from Budweiser or any other AB products, or Heinekens. There is no excuse to drink lousy beer! Drink local! Our best remedies are Eclectic Ales Meade, GSB’s Bloody Blonde (equal parts Blood Orange and Blonde Ambition) or Jamesport Farm Brewery’s Hay Baler.


Flak Jacket at GSB

Logic would tell us the best way to prevent a hangover is not to drink, but what’s the fun in that? Life is meant to enjoy, Crack it open and push on!

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