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On our journey of finding interesting people we spotlight our own Kelly M. Coffey. Kelly is our Art Editor- in other words she curates the gallery that is LIB Magazine. We took a minute to see who is Kelly. This is adLIB!

When did you become interested in Art?

Art has always been present in the form of school projects, writing poetry, taking photography classes and participating in community service throughout many years. Art has a clever way of finding its way into a lot of daily life.

What inspires you?

Seeing courageous people survive rough times and be resilient. Any person who isn’t intimidated by failure or making mistakes, someone who will take risks on moving past whatever they feel is holding them back. Devotion, being able to showcase people’s talents, hopefully provide support and empower others.

Favorite artists or places of art?

I could never choose any one favorite artist or place, it’s no contest – all amazing. I’ve found people to be open, friendly, and hopeful to share their life stories, the events that led them to that place of their successes being highlighted. The people I’ve met all have advice and resources they’re working hard to build their careers.

How do you create?

It changes over the years, but primarily taking photos of everything, map out an area I want to explore with my camera whenever I make time. I focus on writing down ideas, fleshing them out, then editing. I browse thousands of photos in my catalog and edit the ones I like and think stick out or tell a story. Sometimes I write stories about them, other times I pair the two randomly.

What was your show like?

The shows I’ve been part of were really exciting. There’s a majestic energy when people come together to celebrate and support individual expression. Anything could happen!


Are you being showcased now? Where?

Yes! I’m a member at Blue Door Art Center in Yonkers, Westchester, NY. Two of my pieces were accepted to their most recent past members only exhibition Summer Breeze. It was my second show this year, but my first one there. Two different pieces were accepted into their upcoming show CLICKS! Curated by Co-Director Julie Cousens.

What’s next for you continue to pursue the creative life?

I’ve been submitting to galleries and working on a grant proposal. I’ve also started a Go Fund Me page to help me get started!

How can we follow you?

Website: Instagram & Twitter : @vedhead Facebook: /thegratefulved


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