25th Annual Long Island Big Duck Holiday Lighting Ceremony


About The Big Duck

The Big Duck, originally built in 1931 as a roadside duck farm stand, was donated to Suffolk County in 1987. It has moved several times over the years before landing in its current roost in front of the Flanders Men’s Club. The Big Duck is open year round Monday-Sunday from 10-5 PM.

The Big Duck in Flanders, NY took center stage at the annual Duck Lighting on December 5, 2013. More than 300 people showed up for the 25th annual holiday lighting of the Big Duck. The Big Duck is a staple in Long Island’s identity dating back to 1931.

Even QuackerJack, the mascot for the Long Island Ducks, came out for the big night. He shook hands with people from all over Long Island who were there to share the start of the holiday season.

“I was at the first inaugural lighting of the Duck.” Matt Solomon, a Hampton Bays resident, said, “Once you’ve seen the first, you can’t top that.” When asked how many times he has been Solomon said this year was his second.

‘Tis The Season To Sing Duck Carols

The Riverhead Middle School Choir helped kickoff the holiday season by singing classic tunes with a feathery twist. Everyone joined in to sing duck carols like “Jingle Duck,” “I’m Dreaming of a White Big Duck,” “Have a Wacky Quacky Christmas” and “Big Duck the Big Winged Water Fowl.”

Then, 30 minutes into the event, Santa Claus was ushered in by a siren brigade led by the Flanders Fire Department. Kids darted wildly as the sirens announced his arrival and a special path had to be cleared for Santa to make it to center stage.

A few kids were picked from the crowd to help Santa light the Duck.  At the end of the countdown, the switch was flipped and the crowd lit up in the light of the Big Duck, which is 20 feet tall. After the lighting, kids lined up to tell Santa what was on their Christmas list and to take pictures with Santa while others went inside the Big Duck to purchase Big Duck memorabilia.

  • 25th Annual LI Big Duck Holiday Lighting Ceremony

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