3 Foods Secretly Making You Fatter – LIB Fitness Guru Anthony Speaks Out


What if I told you that theres 3 Foods in your cabinet right now that are fooling you!
That’s right — foods that you are consuming that are suppose to be healthy for you but really do not aid in weight loss at all, especially when overconsumed.

Culprit Number 1: Olive Oil

Yup that oil that you put on everything… This guy is fooling you like crazy.

olive oil

Olive Oil has many health benefits:

– Reduces Inflammation
– Lowers Cholesterol
– Decreases Blood Pressure
– Improves Blood Sugar levels

HOWEVER, this bad boy is also loaded with calories!  140 calories and 14g of fat per wimpy tablespoon…. Needless to say, this can easily add up!  Olive Oil easily turns a 300 calorie meal into a 500-700 calorie meal with just 1 or 2 tablespoons.  This guy tricks you because you don’t even feel the calories adding on…140 calories extra to your food without even feeling fuller.
Anthony Recommends

Olive Oil has a lot of benefits but you need to make sure you factor the calories into your day. You can’t just go oil crazy and put it on everything or I promise you will get fatter! One or Two tablespoons a day works.”


Culprit Number 2: Avocados

ganze und halbe avocado isoliert auf weissThat green dip that you dunk the chips in…This bad boy is very delicious but like our friend the olive oil is loaded with calories.


– Lower the risk of heart disease
– Regulate Blood sugar levels
– Lower Cholesterol

This trickster is lower in calories then our other friend 240 calories and a 22g of fat in 1 whole medium avocado.  The average american is suppose to have a 2000 calorie diet, with 1 avocado thats about 34% of your total calories! Now remember yes they are extremely beneficial to eat. but in moderation.

Anthony Recommends

“I would go with 1/4-1/2 a serving of avocado instead of the full serving so you still get the benefits without the negative.”


Culprit 3: Almonds

almonds-face-packsThese nuts can be a real kick in the nuts! For a 1oz serving (which is around 20 almonds, who stops at 20 almonds only?!) they contain 14g of fat and around 160 calories! I have seen people eat a bag of almonds and tell me “its ok they are healthy for you”…Wrong attitude pal!

On the Good Side, Almonds:- Lower Cholesterol
– Decrease Blood Pressure
– Improve Blood Sugar levels

Now if you really want a joke…combine all 3 into a salad and watch the calories and fat pile on!

Anthony’s Final Say

“Do you notice something similar which each of these three? T All have the same health benefits.  Even though theitems are good for you, too much of anything is no good.  My recommendation would be to have a serving or 2 of one of the following daily. You have to look at the overall picture.  Yes, these 3 foods are definitely good for you — just not in excessive amounts!”


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