7 Makeup Tips That Can Make You Look Amazing in Photographs


The camera is not always kind to makeup. This is one of those lessons you learn the hard way. Remember that time you thought you rocked a look but couldn’t get a single decent selfie, let alone a good professional photo?

Fortunately, we have broken the complex code of trying to look good in a camera. Just follow these simple steps and dazzle your way with any event!



Prep your Skin Before You Begin Using Makeup

Always start with a clean face. Residues of old makeup or dirt can ruin your current look as well. Start with a good toner, then a moisturizer. The best moisturizer for oily skin is one that does not leave a sheen on your skin and gets absorbed completely. For dry skin, use a moisturizer that keeps your skin from looking scratchy.


Prime your Skin

The camera has an evil lens that enhances every, single open pore on your face. A primer can even the surface of your face so the rest of the makeup can glide on easily. It fills up any acne scars or open pores. Primers can mattify your skin or make it dewy as you wish.


Use a Suitable Foundation

Try to use a foundation that matches your skin-tone exactly or one that is a shade or two lighter. Make sure it ties in seamlessly with your concealer as well. Use a stippling foundation brush to apply it so that it spreads evenly in one layer without looking different from the concealer. Make sure your foundation does not oxidize and turn orange in the air. Take a selfie with a good camera after you apply foundation and see if it needs some color correcting powder.


Define Your Features

Use good mascara or falsies to make your eyelashes look bigger. A good trick for making your eyes look bigger is using a white eye-pencil on your lower lash line.

When applying lipstick, line your lips to create a neat look and use a concealer on the edges to make the final look seem flawless.


Contour Well

This point cannot be emphasized enough. Contouring can make the structure of your face look flawless on camera. So look up a reliable contouring map for your face’s shape and go for it. Some key areas to contour are the hairline, cheekbones, double chin, and nose.



Nobody likes the ugly camera shine but oh, what we would do for that perfect, camera glow. Highlight your cheekbones with a good highlighter and look fresh and radiant.


Set Your Makeup

At the end of the ordeal, use a setting powder or setting spray to fix your makeup. This will remove any harsh contrast between your skin and the makeup and make it look more subtle. It also finishes your look as either dewy or matte, depending on the product.


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