A Beatle, a Zombie Apocalypse and a Vineyard- Hello Autumn


Art is personal. Art is beauty. Art is magical. What I’ve learned recently, mostly from our own Kelly Vedder, is art is defined by the viewer. What is art to some is not to other. I’m learning this every day. Thank you Kelly! I hope this review meets the high level Kelly has established. 

We took a ride out to the eastern end of Long Island to welcome Autumn in. We wanted to shake hands with Fall. That is one of the best things about this Northeast section of ours- 4 seasons! Autumn at the vineyards. Good foods, great wines, and phenomenal wines. Simply amazing! 

NYC from Brooklyn

Martha Clara Vineyards in Riverhead, not only has a great tasting room, but opened their barn into a studio. They featured 2 up and coming artists- Andres Gonzalez and Laura Grace Art (we will get into her later this week). It was a great pairing just like a Martha Clara Merlot and Brie cheese. 

Andres (Andy) Gonzalez is a fascinating artist. Andy is ex-military. Father of two, and started painting a few years ago. Yes I’m a hater, but I’m ok with it. I wish I could paint like him. He blends abstract expressions with very classical form. His art is delightfully modern with a twinge of something familiar. I love the textured pieces he produces. 

The Transparent John Lennon painting is complex. This painting is Acrylic on Canvas. It is the the same image replicated over and over again. Once, in a purple hue, once in Cyan and once monographically. It reminds me of a Warhol’s “Pop Art” piece. The wood barn adds to the perfect showroom to this talented Beatle. 

Zombie Apocalypse Is a rather large piece, measuring at 30×48. It too is Acrylic paint mixed with crackle paste.  I understand why Andy named it a Zombie Apocalypse, I see the faces in the painting but I saw something a little different. I see waves crashing over a old fishing boat. The bow snapped. Popular in the 1700s the figurehead on the front is gracefully courageous, but can not withstand the pressure. It is the struggle of man’s creation versus Mother Nature. Unfortunately Mother Nature is winning- and most likely will always win. It’s a metaphor for life. Yes you can face obstacles, but sometimes those obstacles win. 

Andy is an up and comer. His talents are limitless. Check out his other work at fineartamerica.com

Kelly I hope I made you proud! 

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