Series of Street Art: Adam Fu & ATOMS


Picasso didn’t retire after a single painting. And I, for one, am glad he left the world a full catalog of paintings, sketches and unique portraits of various mediums with volumes of stories to accompany each. His legacy is rich with innovative techniques and personal masterpieces I enjoy gazing at occasionally. He’s one of many artists who have paved the way for their upcoming counterparts for centuries, to make it easier for people to showcase their works, voice their political opinions, remind us of history’s truths, build foundations for future generations, and strive to keep growing creatively. The world could use some color these days.

After I passed Soulmate on Wyckoff, I started seeing more of Adam FU’s art wandering near my favorite spots in Bushwick. I found Diva around the corner from Soulmate, painted on a garage door, complete with a sassy heart signature. Above the word Work appears in block letters and all I can hear is a true Diva’s advice: Rupaul’s voice demanding I better work it. (And I do!)

A collaboration Fu did with another incredibly talented artist and designer from Brooklyn known as K-Nor can be found around Waterbury and Bogart. He tagged this piece as ATOMS (which was so exciting for me to learn because it meant going on the hunt for more of his awesome literary murals). Union is the work I think exhibits Adam FU’s signature trademark the most: wet dripping paint to the street. While it could look like an accident in some, it’s without a doubt it’s been left with intent. I enjoy reeling in the dream it’s freshly painted and my eyes are the first to take in the interpretative messages.

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