Mental Health: The Importance of Working on Yourself


Every day, we run into stressful situations; occurrences that can whittle away at our peace of mind, disrupt our happiness, ruin the tranquil moments of our life and just make us plain miserable. Life is a struggle, we face decisions everyday, every hour and yet never really realize how they can affect us.  We are always on our phones, busying ourselves with what’s new in the internet world: What our friend Suzy had for breakfast or our Aunt Karen is doing tonight.  Updating Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr and feeling the need to know everything, all the time, at any given hour.  Add in everyday problems such as family, relationships, friendships and work. It is amazing how we power through these things, but do we ever stop to think how it is really affecting us? Do you find that you lose yourself between work, family or even  romantic relationship? Putting your needs on the back burner isn’t benefiting anyone – especially yourself. We can get wrapped up in toxic friendships, we get stuck in mundane jobs that barely make ends meet.  We lose ourselves in situations that do all but toss our highest goals out the window. We have to stop doing this to ourselves!


Put down the phone (no, really). Let go of the stress and especially superficial things you only think you need out of life. Strive to be greater. I dare you to dive into the deepest part of your soul and really search for what you want; for what you need. Once you find it (which isn’t that hard if you allow the truth into your life) go for it. Let nothing in life stop you. Search for what makes you happy with a ferocious appetite and don’t let anything scare you away! You want to be a photographer? Go out and start taking pictures. Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you away. You want to start your own company? Learn the how-tos of business, find a mentor and go for it. Take the necessary steps and reach for the stars. You’re not happy in your relationship? End it. Life really is that simple. We make it complicated. It doesn’t have to be. Working on yourself is a form of mental health that should never really end. We should always strive to make ourselves better; there are no such things as filling your maximum quota of accomplishments. If you focus on only the good things in life and push the negative aside, you can and will be a better person. Don’t count yourself out before you even try! Create the life you want and you LOVE. Don’t just pass through life; grab it by the horns and own it!

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