Any night is an amazing night at “Aura”


“[Aura] has an atmosphere that is audaciously hot…”

LIB Magazine at Aura Light and Sound Suite – East Meadow, Long Island, NY

There are numerous bars and nightclubs of all shapes, sizes and themes across Long Island but not many can leave an impact the way Aura does. What is being referred to as a “cutting edge vision of the next state-of-the-art nightlife and private event venue” by the company’s official website, has an atmosphere that is audaciously hot.

Formerly known as Savannah Lounge, the newly modified space that is now Aura, was imagined and created by internationally esteemed architect, Antonio D’ Orozo, of Bluarch Architecture and Interior. The entire setting of this redesigned nightclub leaves its visitors feeling as though they have stepped through a futuristic portal. The flexible LED video display screens above the dance floor is something I have never seen before and along with the top of the line lighting, one might almost find themselves feeling displaced from the island.

Aura is also known for having extremely talented entertainment. On notable individual in particular is Dubfire. He is an acclaimed Iranian-American DJ / Producer, former member of the four-time nominated and Grammy Award-winning duo Deep Dish and owner of the lauded SCI+TEC Digital Audio record label and made his groundbreaking debut at there. It was one of the most memorable debuts that will go down in Aura history.

Aura’s Thursday nights are always crammed, due to the highly anticipated lineups they always have. Past and upcoming acts include Chriss Vargas, Danny Avila from April 11 and Richie Santana and Peter Bailey who will be there tomorrow night, April 13.

“Jet Set Fridays” have a more high-end contemporary feel and occasionally trendy guest DJ’s from the meatpacking district in the city come to spin some tracks! Saturday Nights are strictly house music nights; doors open at 10PM and the normal cover charge on Friday and Saturday nights stands at $10.00 for ladies and $15.00 for men.

“The entire setting of this redesigned nightclub leaves its visitors feeling as though they have stepped through a futuristic portal…” 

The only other nightclub that came close to competing with Aura was Glo, which just recently closed its doors, leaving Aura to be the new power-venue and hottest nightclub to sweep the Long Island nightlife scene. The venue can host nearly any special occasion requested and arranging something is no struggle or pain, as the catering staff and event planner are on hand seven days a week. The dynamic sound and light takes you well into the night along with a great crowd. If you are looking for a memorable night, your best choice is Aura. It offers something Long Island truly has never seen before.

You can find links to buy tickets for concerts right on Aura’s website.

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or you can submit a reservation online, through this page.

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