The Arden Brings More Modern Chic to Long Island


Let’s get right down to it folks—The Arden is the new place to be.  Located in Port Jefferson, New York this sophisticated lounge is everything a hot-spot should be: welcoming, lively, entertaining and absolutely gorgeous.  This past week, LIB Magazine was lucky enough to get a first-rate scoop of Long Island’s latest area venue.

Villages all over Suffolk county are known for their charming and nostalgic structures, making them the perfect location for close-knit businesses that are easily accessible to visitors looking for a fun and exciting night out. While a string of well-named bars and restaurants might already be in your sights for a Friday night, once you enter the Arden you will never want to leave.

The Arden 2I sat down with marketing guru Jill Russell to discuss just how awesome the Arden really is. “We designed this place to be upscale and trendy, like a Manhattan location. We’re bringing Manhattan to Long Island.”  Filled with lighted candles, chic fixtures and sultry furniture the Arden is as inviting as it gets. Another eye-catcher? The reclaimed wood that Russell says is a centerpiece of the restaurant. “We put a lot of detail into the design of the Arden. The reclaimed wood only makes the place look more intimate.”

Offering an all-inclusive experience, this chic and elegant locale doesn’t miss a beat.. whether you are looking for a delicious dinner with friends, cocktails and appetizers at the bar or a night of music and dancing.  The Arden will surely provide the type of Long Island nightlife you are seeking.  Even more tempting are the popular beer taps that a few of the Arden’s tables are conveniently equipped with. Once seated, a member of the waitstaff will open up a tap that you can begin to use on your own as you enjoy your dinner. No more waiting, just pour and drink—responsibly, of course.

the arden port jeff vip

Select tables at The Arden are equipped with personal beer taps.

Not too keen on decor?  Well then, let’s get down to the nitty gritty—food and drink ya’ll!  Offering an array of shareable appetizers and full-sized entrees, the Arden’s menu surpasses other venues which cater to a discerning lounge set.  What does co-owner Joe Vicari recommend? “We have a pretty unique 24 oz ribeye steak that is already a customer favorite.”  Looking for something a bit lighter?  Mr. Vicari recommends an order of delicious duck tacos.

The Arden 3

Once seated at the bar, I was helped almost immediately. The waitstaff and bartenders are absolutely warm and welcoming, catering to everyone individually and efficiently.

The Arden 7Then there’s the live music, a sure highlight of your visit to the Arden. Paul Mahos of New Life Crisis fame relishes the opportunity to bring entertainment to the locale. “Our performers here are accessible to our audience, you get to see them in a completely different way.”  Patrons of the Arden will be pleasantly surprised at the intimacy of the venue, allowing for successful artists like Mike DelGuidice to perform in ways never before seen.

The Arden 5I had the chance to be part of an enthusiastic audience during the band Mean Machine’s performance that night. Luckily I had my dancing shoes on, becaue there was a whole ‘lot of groovin’ and very little sitting!

The band was engaging, drawing people in fairly quickly without disturbing patrons who wished to stay at the bar or by their tables.

The Arden is also branching out to attract different demographics and patrons.  Are you a sports fan?  Don’t worry, flat screen TVs are placed all around the bar for those looking to have a drink and relax to their favorite teams. “We want to cater to everyone,” Russell says. “Soon we’ll be open 7 days a week. We’ll have music-themed days for those looking for something new.”

Mahos also makes mention of upcoming shows for the Arden’s venue. “You’re looking at possible comedy nights and theater shows. We’re looking to do everything.”

So how do we rate the Arden? 4.5 out of 5 stars.

While the Arden is a unique and innovative idea, the location is also immensely exclusive with a necessary reservation for dinner. The bar is open to any and all who arrive but the location fills rather quickly and it isn’t the most spacious.  However Long Islanders, don’t let this deter you. Check this place out for yourself, it definitely will not disappoint.


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