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Sara Erenthal – Artist Extraordinaire Brooklyn based multi-media artist.

I love Ms. Erenthal’s works. Much like Adam FU, her art tends to pop up all over the place when least expected. I finally learned her name at the Summer Classics Block Party at First Street Green Art Park in the Lower East Side, Manhattan, where one of her lady sketches drawn on a board was propped up on a tree outside the park.

Sara Erenthal’s works are everywhere, she is a wonderful artist to start with on your walking adventures in search for cool street art because she seems to be painting on a full time basis. She finds inspiration in other people’s trash; a lot of her art can be spotted on discarded pieces of furniture or abandoned doors (to name a few examples). Basically, the world is her canvas and she has a lot to share with us.

The painted lady portraits are a very simple design with their black lines and my favorite Erenthal trait: a splash of red on their lips. No matter what message accompanies the lady, regardless of how many ladies we see at once, their class and style shine through. Maybe it’s a sign of resilience and optimism, the strength to overcome adversity, and the grace it takes to survive some days.

I haven’t had the opportunity to see Erenthal’s paintings exhibited in a gallery (yet!) and has had her art featured at the Bushwick Open Studios, Soapbox Gallery, and Google NYC as of most recently. Please note her works go beyond a simple lady; she works with many mixed mediums (which can be seen on her website gallery). While I learn more about what motivates Sara Erenthal to share her art and stories, I will continue to enjoy seeking her signature brilliant pop of color to brighten my walks.

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