Bayville Oktoberfest


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Labor Day is over. The nights gets a longer. Soon there will a chill in the area. Light crisp summer ales will soon become spiced pumpkin lagers- Autumn is in the air. In celebration of Autumn, Bayville kicked off this season with their Oktoberfest.

The sleepy waterfront Long Island village on Long Island’s Gold Coast was awoken with aromas of Brats simmering on the grill, Beers flowing from the truck, kids playing in bouncy houses and traditional German polka playing on the house PA system.

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Brats, sausage & peppers and pretzels were masterfully cooked by Grooseberry located in Oyster Bay. Is there anything more fall then the sweet smell of meat on the grill? Hofbrau Muchen provided the beer… Thankfully!

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After our first of many beer buzzes this weekend set in, the music changed from traditional German to something more familiar. Lewd Buddah brought their funky, amazing sound to Long Island’s Gold Coast. The best way I can describe Lewd Buddah is they are equal parts funk, soul, blues and rock- mixed with some showmanship and include a saxophone. I couldn’t help but smile throughout their hour long set.

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As mentioned earlier we loved Gooseberry. Our friends at Village Cigar Headquarters were stationed there, which was a very nice touch. TheoBucket provided Vintage Ads and Brooches from Madison Ave’s Golden Era. We also really enjoyed Waterscapes and More by Linda Boisvert DeStefanis. Linda Boisvert DeStefanis is a local artist who specializes in Oil and Pastels Paintings. Her painting of the Bayville was breathtaking.

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Festival season is here. Go out and enjoy them!


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