4 Steps to Becoming the Person You Want to Be


Ever stop and think, “I wish I was someone else”? Have you ever been envious of someone else’s approach to life, or their confidence? If the answer is yes, then congratulations.. you’re human!

It is normal for us to want to stand out at times through our personalities, our work or simply lifestyle. What is not healthy is to force yourself to stay the way you are and never change.

If we stop making excuses and make change instead of complaining, life would be simpler.

I’m sure you have seen the 500+ Pinterest quotes (ladies, don’t lie) reading something along the lines of “Love who you are” and you should… to a point. Now, this not an empowerment article for self loathing by any means; in fact, it is quite the opposite. Stop the self loathing, just stop it!

Take the initiative in making yourself a better you from the inside.

Below is a four-step “cheat sheet” below will help to self-improve a lot more than you might think. 1. Calm your mind, calm your spirit If something is stressful, get it out of your mind and ultimately out of your life. Of course, we all have stress in our lives that can’t (and won’t) disappear into thin air. Believe it or not, however, most of our stresses are made up of things we CAN control. 2. Let the negativity out A negative mind, even associating with negative people is enough to kill goals, dreams and aspirations of any level. If you surround yourself with negative people then you become just like them. Don’t surround yourself with people who aren’t interested in bettering themselves NOW or who bring you down when you try to rise up. It really isn’t worth it, trust me. 3. Don’t let fear take over It is hard to control your emotions and your fears, but it is hardly impossible. It takes time but eventually (if you try hard enough) you will master the art of facing your fears and changing for the better. Take baby steps; just make sure you keep stepping. 4. Meditate This step might be easier said than done, but it can do wonders. For the stresses you can not quickly remove from your life, meditation helps to clear your mind and find solace. If your job is stressing you out, meditate on your break. If the home life seems unbearable, put aside a few short minutes to meditate in your car.

Drama free is the way to be, remember that. If a man can make it to the moon, you have the power to overcome the fear of trying different things.

The above four are only the beginning of ways to help change yourself from the inside out. Comment below to share your thoughts and tips that have worked for you!

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