Benassi tears up The LAB


Armed with a pair of Adidas headphones and a Pioneer mix board, legendary DJ Benny Benassi played an intimate show at TBA Brooklyn’s The Lab for Mix Magazine. Nights like these make icons.

Benassi has been cutting up dance floors for close to two decades. We have seen hm at Governor’s Island, Electric Zoo, along with other venues. Whenever he comes to New York, we make it a point to see him. Benassi does not disappoint! Benassi behind the decks is like the Stones on stage. Every show is memorable.

TBA Brooklyn is a converted garage located in Williamsburg. Mix Mag hosted this night, much like they’ve hosted Dennis Ferrera, Richie Hawtin and other industry giants. I am impressed with Mix Mag. The have posted entire sets on YouTube free to all. Mix Mag is everything that PLUR stands for.

After being introduced, Benassi spun this invite only show for the next hour and 20 minutes. He did not miss a beat. Benassi is a true artist. Just like the painter that understands darks only work when paired with lights, Benassi understand heavy only exists when paired with soft… And no body does it better. His build ups are epic, and his drops are clean and fresh. All the while grinning ear to ear as if to say “I got a surprise for you!” He reads the mood of the crowd better than any musician i have ever seen.

Recently Benassi released his newest single 2 my house. It’s easy to tell this will be a summer smash. It will be this year’s Cinema. When Benassi dropped this Thursday night TBA erupted! It’s loud, musical and glorious- all the staples of a Benassi jam.

Check out Mix Mag for Benassi’s set. Follow them!

Link for Benassi’s new single 2 my house 

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