The best burger in Brooklyn- Bonnie’s


Brooklyn is home to some of the greatest foods New York has to offer. Brooklyn is a beautiful array of Asian, African, European, South/ Latin American food. Park Slope is home to the best American Grill, the best burger joint in New York- Bonnie’s Grill.


Located on a nondescript stretch of Brooklyn’s 5th Ave. Bonnie’s Grill doesn’t scream “look at me” like some of these other places do. The real beauty like in most cases lies on the inside. There is something satisfying about a good burger. It’s even better when surround by a non pretentious settings like Bonnie’s. It should always be about substance rather than appearance.


The expose brick wall adds an element of charm. The walls are adorned with photos of Legends like Johnny Cash, Neil Young and Van Morrison. Nothing says American like burgers, wings and rock and roll. That is Bonnie’s in a nutshell. The interior was simple, and I absolutely loved it… with the exceptions of the Bills helmet on display (J! E! T! S! Jets Jets Jets).



We started off with wings. The wings were fried fresh, were incredibly meaty, had a great crunch factor and sauced to perfection. The sauce was a medium hot sauce that has just the right amount of heat. The super hot ones were a little too hot for my palate. We estimate the super hot ones to be about 500,000 scoville hot. The medium ones were just delightful.


The pièce de résistance is the burgers. The burgers were simply amazing! The thing about Bonnie’s burgers are they started out looking like something I would make at a summer BBQ. The burger was an 8oz. Spiced Black Angus Sirloin Burger. Once again the word here is fresh. This burger topped with lettuce, tomato, red onion, sautéed jalapeños and Cheddar- the works! It’s simple, but cooked to perfection. You will not find a better $13 burger, I promise you. I can’t wait to try the catfish burger my next trip!


They do offer a great selection of beers and wines. They also have a fantastic weekend brunch selection, including Challah French toast, wings and waffles and everybody’s favorite mimosas!

Located at 278 5th Ave, the Barclay’s Center is less than a mile away from here. Islander and Net fans, you have to check this place out. This is the best burger I ever had in Brooklyn!

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