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When you wake up each morning with the dryness of the Sahara Desert on your face, you can’t help but wonder, “Why is my skin such a problem?” Truth is, nobody is safe from the winter harshness that strikes our facial dermis day in and day out during winter.

Blustery winds, the dry cold climates and dropping temperatures all take a toll on the skin. Even though it isn’t the fault of our face or body, there are several things we can do, every winter day, to prevent rough patches and dryness.

So, why does our skin suffer extra in the winter time? It’s like a harsh cocktail of dry, cold air we endure from being outside mixed with dry, warm air from the heaters inside work together to take away important moistures from our facial pores, which leaves our skin arid and possibly irritated. It’s easy to forget our skin is a living organ, but if it’s not in good condition year-round, we could be more susceptible to germs, according to “19 Hair and Skin Tips for the Winter.”

To begin your battle with a dry face, it is helpful to know which things you should try to avoid.

Avoid products containing alcohol

According to The Huffington Post, it is best to stay away from using products on your skin that contain alcohol, which can leave you void of the good moisture your face needs. Alcohol content found in perfume and certain face washes can actually strip away natural oils and create dryness.

Check that temperature

If the temperature of the water used to shower, or wash your face, is too hot, it can have the same bad effects on your face.

Purchase a reliable face cream

In order to keep that much-needed moisture locked into your dermis, choosing a thicker does the job better than that of a simple lotion. Think of face cream as a winter sweater, and lotions as a lighter t-shirt meant for summer. In below 20-degree temps, what would you wear?

olay moisturizer

Olay micro-sculpting cream moisturizer, about $24

  • If your face is out-of-control oily, a lightweight lotion (again, preferably one with SPF) is the best option.
  • Expensive creams may contain more exotic or potent ingredients, but are not necessarily better.  Consult a dermatologist or free advice at Sephora to find the right products for your own skin type.
  • Apply face cream regularly after washing your face or showering; this will allow for the best results and consistent moisture.

Stock up on omega-3

tofu beans omega 3

Beans, tofu, avocado and salmon are omega-3 rich foods. Don’t like any of these? Try a supplement.

Discovery Health suggests adding an omega-3 supplement to your daily routine, which can help keep up the levels of the oils you need in your skin.

Try a face mask – and add water

There are also a ton of store-bought and homemade facial mask remedies that are easy to whip up or purchase. By using common items, such as bananas, egg yolk, avocado and milk, you can create your very own facial moisturizer treatment. It is also said that by washing your face with Greek yogurt once a week can act as an exfoliant for your face – the lactic acid keeps it from being too rough.​

kiehls face mask

As an all-around health rule, the best thing you can do is make sure you are staying hydrated throughout the day. It’s a simple act that can be overlooked, but when attended to can provide many benefits for your day-to-day self, especially by keeping your skin hydrated.

​Luckily, we have endured the first half of winter, but through the reoccurring blizzards and the recent prediction from Punxsutawny Phil (that groundhog named for his quirky PA city) call for six more weeks of cold weather, there is still plenty of time – and lots of options – for making your face a priority.

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