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Last month, LIB’s discerning travel staff left the Long Island (relax, it was only for couple of days) and headed to Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Connecticut. The lovely casino and resort is a hot spot for all islanders looking for a pretty, relatively inexpensive getaway.  Below, find the scoop on all the places to hit up on your next mini-vacation.

The Scorpion Bar – It’s a Must!

scorpion bar foxwoods ct

The decor at Scorpion Bar was really fascinating and the bar itself was pretty awesome. The furniture made for a more intimate and cozy gathering. The best part of this place (not the $8 Whiskey Sours, that’s for sure) was the outdoor rooftop/patio bar. It was dark, it was sexy and it was fun. Dark red decor lit up by the moon light and stars; this place should definitely be on your list of places to grab a drink.

scorpion bar foxwoods scorpion wings

Scorpion wings at Foxwoods’ Scorpion Bar

Alta Strada – We have a winner!

Alta Strada is an amazing Itslian-style restaurant with exquisite food and service. The cozy place is set for an intimate affair with a single candle decorating each table.

alta strada foxwoods

Kelly, Jennie and myself (the taste-testers) tried Alta’s tasty dinner with a decadent dessert. We started off with the veal meatball appetizer. It was love at first bite! The outside was crispy, yet the meat was soft and the taste superb. The meatballs came with a spicy marinara dipping sauce, which was very unique and rich in flavor. The Marzano Pizza, aka margarita pizza, was just as delicious as the meatballs.

The mushroom stuffed raviolis were the best. I don’t actually like mushrooms (my friend Jenny and I avoid them at all costs, in fact) but the mushroom filled raviolis here were outstanding. Any mushroom fan will tell you this is a MUST try – just ask Kelly. They were our number one pick.  Also be sure to try the dessert at Altastrada: It was just as amazing as the appetizers and entrees. 

The Hampton Club – A Must Go!

hampton club foxwoods pool

For the high rollers with the ability to gamble over $10,000 monthly, this place is for you. The VIP area of the casino for the select few is a great way to past the time and be treated like royalty. They serve food and drinks; the food is ok, but the service and drinks are outstanding. The exceptional service and friendly bartenders can’t be beat. If you’re able to get into the exclusive access club then don’t leave Foxwoods without going, and make sure you tip the bartenders well!

As for the resort, all in all it was clean, luxurious and offered a lot to do. The resort offers a theatre, an arcade, an outdoor luxurious pool and hot tub, and also offers an indoor pool and hot tub. Atlantic City has been a favorite of mine for many years, but I think this trip changed that!

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