Black Sails Season 2 Will Bring Even More Badass Pirate Scenes to Over 5 Million Viewers


The Emmy® award-winning STARZ Original series, Black Sails, which follows the high sea adventures of the most prevalent and feared pirate Captain Flint (Toby Stevens) and his crew, will air Black Sails Season 2 atop the salty ocean beginning this Saturday, January 24.

The authentic time-period drama takes place in the height of the piracy golden age, two decades prior to Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic tale, “Treasure Island.” During its debut weekend in 2014, Black Sails set an impressive viewership record for the network and continued to average 5.3 million viewers per episode.

black sails women

Now, with season 2 on the horizon, fans of the show can expect the Black Sails premiere to pick up exactly where it left off. Captain Flint’s Walrus crew have become stranded as a Spanish army stands in the way of their search for the highly desired Urca gold. With their war crimes out in the open, Flint and Jack Silver (Luke Arnold) will be forced to join together as a last measure of survival. Meanwhile, Eleanor Gunthrie (Hannah New) starts to experience trouble with keeping control over Nassau when a newthreat in the form of a tenacious and violent pirate, Ned Low (Tadhg Murphy), enters the scene.

black sails Zach McGowan it a fit and dangerous Captain Charles Vane

Zach McGowan it a fit and dangerous Captain Charles Vane

A twist for all the characters arrives when an extremely valuable and mysterious treasure is smuggled onto the island, which no one knows about. Once discovered, it could completely change their world and force them all to question what kind of people they really are.

Catch up with episodes from season 1 and join the conversation on Twitter and Instagram with #BlackSails. If you don’t have STARZ, get on it in the next 24 hours to catch Season 2!

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