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‘Tis the season to go shopping, but the difficult question remains… what should you buy, and where should you buy it? Read on and I’ll show you why there’s no need to stress this holiday season. These five unique beauty bargains are sure to put you at gold medal status in the hearts of your friends and family. Or slip them into your own stocking (that’s what I plan to do!)

1. I recently discovered Colorblast LED Lighted Lip Gloss at the NYC Live Beautifully event and knew instantly that this would be a holiday must have. Each item is packaged in crystals that are applied by hand. As the name suggests, the product comes with a case that lights up, a perfect tool to touch up your lips anywhere regardless of the lighting situation. Retailing at 32 dollars, they come in ten different shades and contain vitamins A, C and E to keep your lips moisturized on those cold winter days. Check out

2. Are you searching for a quality lotion to keep your skin moisturized and glowing this holiday season? Take a look at CV Skin Body Repair Lotion. Britta Aragon, the founder of CV Skinlabs, was seeking solutions to the difficult side effects her father suffered throughout his 8-year battle with cancer. Aragon, who survived Hodgkins Disease at the age of 16, grew frustrated with the products that were available. Even products marketed towards “sensitive skin” were ineffective and damaging, so she took it upon herself to create a truly safe line of products for people with chemical sensitivities, medically treated skin, eczema and chronic dryness.

These five unique beauty bargains are sure to put you at gold medal status in the hearts of your friends and family.

While many skin care products contain potentially harmful chemicals, CV Skinlabs’ products are natural, organic and clinically tested to be safe and beneficial. When I sampled the product I saw and felt a difference in my own skin almost immediately. I highly recommend this product for those with sensitive skin, conditions caused by the cold weather and environmental factors, or anyone who wants to give their body’s largest organ a little TLC this chilly season. A 6 oz. bottle goes for 32 dollars and can be purchased at

3. Do you dream of making your eyes sparkle this holiday season? Check out Eye Rock temporary eye tattoos and crystals. They’re easy to apply and they’ll add that glam, punk rock edge to any festive ensemble. They can be found at Claire’s, or online at, for under 10 dollars.

4. Looking to spend under 20 dollars on a sweet gift for a teen or tween? How about a scented makeup bag and two pairs of scented shoelaces? That’s right, scented! These colorful decorated makeup bags and shoelaces come in scents such as grape and fortune cookie and make a perfect stocking stuffer for any little fashioniasta. For the creative trend-setter, the laces can be around the wrist to make a funky bracelet or woven into a pair of sneakers or winter boots. To sniff out these great products check out

5. Want your nails to stay strong and fabulous while opening all those holiday gifts? Check out Ulta’s ‘Tis the Season Mini nail set for only 8 dollars. Metallics are a must if you want to be glitz and glam, and this set offers plenty of both. Ulta always offers great sales and coupons so make sure you check out their website before you deck the malls!

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