Briah Bettencourt Got “Real” with LIB Magazine


Reality star and model Briah Bettencourt of MTV’s Real World Skeletons clears the skeletons out of the closet by discussing some difficult issues with LIB Magazine.

LIB: How does Real World Skeletons differ from previous seasons of the Real World?

Briah: I believe this season of Real World truly focused on the cast as individuals and put them face to face with their past. It helped them grow as people in the end, where as other seasons mainly focused on the issues with roommates within the house.

LIB: Briah why did you want to reunite with Bruno?

Briah: I did some maturing and growing and I felt it was time to just get rid of all anchors weighting me down, I wanted to be completely open and I wanted to start with family.

briah bettancourt

LIB: Since you are also a model, do you follow a strict workout routine?

Briah: Most models follow routines to stay in shape luckily I have great genes(haha) and I normally just eat what I want I do however walk everywhere in New York and I do work out occasionally.

LIB: What brands have you modeled for?

Briah: I’ve modeled for Bklyn Dry Goods, WHO.A.U and Pratt Fashion Designers.

LIB: How has your relationship changed with Bruno since reuniting?

Briah: We talk now and we have been doing some bookings together, we’re definitely on good terms and I plan to keep it that way.

LIB: So, what is next for you?

Briah: I’m currently focusing on modeling I want to travel and go over seas working with different markets and trying to get signed internationally. I also plan on starting a charity eventually and just really give back to those who have supported me.

It’s your chance to meet Briah and many more MTV and reality guests Sunday March 29th at Proper West NYC for Bravos Blood Sweat and Heels viewing party!

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