Brooke Moriber is on FIRE


New York native Brooke Moriber is making a big splash. Her journey started from Greenwich Village, to Broadway an now transitioning to her own rock band. Her EP Fire will be released in August of 2015.

LIB: Why did you make a transition from Broadway to Rock?


Moriber: It’s more of a focus thing than a transition. I always wanted a recording career but I’ve been so lucky and blessed with opportunities on Broadway, Film and TV that I started to lose sight of my original dream. It’s difficult to juggle a career as an actor and as a singer/songwriter. I love every aspect of my career but I decided to take this year to really focus on my music.

LIB: Tell me more about the Yellow Collar Collective showcase


Moriber: It’s a launching event for Coors Brewing Company and Turnstyle Music Group. It should be a lot of fun and there will be lots of discounted beer! I am psyched to be one of the four bands chosen for this cool showcase.

LIB: Who did you work with to produce your upcoming EP Fire?


Lee Nadel and Rich Mercurio are my awesome producers. My writing in the past has leaned a little more towards rock but, since working with Lee and Rich, they have pushed me in a slicker, more electronic direction—more pop “top 40 radio”. They let me in on a lot of the mixing which is cool because, in the past, I have worked with producers who don’t let the writer have much say. We have a lot of fun working together.

LIB: I love your style, where are some of your favorite places to shop?


Moriber: Thank you! I’m kind of obsessed with Bebe. I’ve put together a lot of fun gig outfits mixing and matching clothing from there. I love getting accessories off of because I don’t have to leave my apartment and it’s so much fun to get the boxes!

LIB: If you could perform with anyone who would it be?


Moriber: Eddie Vedder. Though my own “pop” music is far from 90’s grunge, I am a huge Pearl Jam fan and I think he is incredibly talented. The way he completely throws himself in to his music is inspiring. I even do a cover of Yellow Ledbetter with my band every now and then.

LIB: What’s next for you?

Moriber: After the gig on August 7th, I will be shooting a video for “Fire”, gigging a lot more with my band members Mason Ingram, Patrick Firth, Tony Novarro, and Ethan Rosenblatt, and releasing the EP. For fans who would like updates, free downloads, and fun behind the scenes footage, please sign up to the mailing list on my website


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