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Have you ever thought that sending flowers, fruit baskets or stuffed animals wasn’t exactly what you had in mind for someone you care about? Maybe you’re looking for a sweet treat for yourself.  Micki’s Brownies is the perfect gift to send to someone you love and will satisfy any sweet craving you may be having.

Michelle “Micki” Atallah was inspired by her mother and grandmother who taught her to bake as a child and helped her master the art of baking. Atallah holds a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in Ceramic Sculpture and it’s no surprise that her impeccable work shows through with each of Micki’s Brownies.

Atallah stated, “I use some of the techniques I learned while studying ceramics when working with fondant and molding chocolate.” So what made her go from working with ceramics to selling her delicious brownies?

“I decided to start selling brownies when I started to receive multiple requests for them through family and friends. The money I was spending to bake for everyone started to add up and I decided to take a risk and start a business out of it. Almost 3 years later I still believe it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.”

More than 20 flavors of chocolaty brownies at Micki’s Brownies

Not only are these chocolaty brownies made from scratch and made fresh with each order, but Atallah is also able to create unique designs, including circular gourmet brownies, instead of the conventional square shape. Atallah said that Micki’s Brownies currently has 20 different flavors that circulate all year around on their menu (up to 26-27 if you include all the specialty ones they provide during the holidays). “We do bake other baked goods upon request, and we try to incorporate some type of brownie aspect to them! We now provide edible centerpieces, favors, and dessert tables for all special occasions.” Sounds like a great idea for party!

I asked Atallah what her best selling product is and she said, “We don’t have one best selling product, we have quite a few. When it comes to just our brownies themselves, the most popular flavors are Michelle’s Famous, S’mores, Oreo Crumble, Red Velvet and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.” Micki’s Brownies also offers Brownie Pops in a variety of flavors. “When it comes to our edible favors, our brownie pops are our best seller. We can create any idea and turn it into a brownie pop!”

How to order Micki’s Brownies

Micki’s Brownies is currently an online based company, and their products are available for order at www.mickisbrownies.com, by phone at 516-672-3796 and by e-mail at MickisBrownies@gmail.com.

Micki’s Brownies’ kitchen is located in Amityville, NY and although they don’t sell their products from the store, they sometimes like to set up a pop-up shop which gives customers an opportunity to come in and purchase products as they transform the front window of their kitchen into a little shop. They can also be purchased at the many events and expos they take part in throughout the year.

Atallah said that their current slogan is “Have a brownilicious day!” though she doesn’t remember how she came up with it.  Atallah added “Although it may sound a little cheesy, it works perfectly for Micki’s Brownies!”

To find out more information on dates of pop-up shops, check out their Micki’s Brownies on Facebook and Twitter @mickisbrownies.

For delicious media updates, visit Instagram @mickisbrownies and Micki’s Brownies on Tumblr.

So eat up the chocolaty goodness and have a “brownilicious” day!

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