4 Celebrity Stories We’re Tired of Hearing About


In order to maintain celebrity stardom, it seems you constantly have to be larger than life or “break the internet”. However, there are some cases when narcism goes overboard and it becomes, well..  super annoying. It almost seems as if the sart form of dodging topics of substance and taking a stand has become the standard in the industry.  Most “real” issues are drowned out in the music industry by half-wit glory hogs that seem less talented and more self-absorbed. Below are a few artists who we think just might be full of themselves.

1. Chris Brown, Karrueche, Rihanna and Drake   It seems as if this quadruplet foursome began a snowball of  celebrity social media drama to avoid the fact their album sales are tanking.  Not to mention Karrueche’s gravy train to fame will stop if the arguing does.

drake, rihanna, chris brown

2. Selena Gomez and Justin Beiber  Over the last few years, Beiber shown the world what a jerk he is capable of being.  One might even think Selena is hanging on to the couple’s relationship turmoil for the fame – to her credit, she has used it to make excellent music. She needs to hang around Taylor more often.

justin beiber selena gomez

3. Any of the Kardashians   Applause to the family who tapped into America’s infatuation with voyeurism, even if it their lives are honestly boring. They have no real personality except vanity and in retrospect, not enough talent to hold an audience.  It seems as if they keep giving away the only thing they know will keep us watching: Their love interests and their bodies.  Hence Kim taking naked pics for the “wooow factor”.


4. Charlamagne Da God, Ebro v. Rosenberg These guys are champs when it comes to expressing negative, ignorant views just for sensationalism.  These guys are clearly not educated enough to hold real conversation empowering the youth today to really make a difference in their environments and getting in contact with individuals and organizations that uplift their community. So instead we have segments like, Ride of Die and Hoe Hall of Fame…….

charlamagne da god, ebro

It might come off as harsh, but I really believe that we can make a change in this world by having people who have invested in making a change.  The above celebs don’t seem to be doing it.  Let us know if you feel the same way.

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