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Stuck in a rut of techno and Billy Joel? Reprimand comes to the rescue to help break the Long Island music scene stereotype. Talented instrumentalists and energetic vocalists separate this cover band from the rest. Reprimand saxophonist Imraan Khan took the time to tell us a little bit more.

LIB: When did Reprimand first come about?

IK: Reprimand started in 2005, with almost an entirely different line up. Devin and our first piano player, Greg, had kicked around the idea of getting together and playing some music. They asked me if I would be free to meet up and play… We also pulled in Keith within the first month. We played our first gig (a block party) under the name The What-Ifs, and since we had such a great time we decided to seek other gigs out. Several personnel and name changes later, here we are!

LIB: Since you play covers from each decade, do your fans ever dress in their favorite 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s attire?

IK: As far as fans dressing up, we always have a great turnout for our Halloween / Saint Patrick’s Day / Cinco de Mayo / Christmas shows, and people are usually dressed for the occasion. During Halloween shows we run a costume contest, the winner receives a gift certificate to the venue that year.

LIB: What are some of your favorite covers to play?

IK: If we all had to pick a few absolute favorites, the list would include “Foreplay / Long Time” by Boston, “All Along The Watchtower” as done by DMB, “Treasure” by Bruno Mars, and “Miss You” by The Rolling Stones. There would also be a some Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, and Santana in the mix.

LIB: Does Reprimand write any original songs, or are you strictly covers?

IK: Definitely strictly a cover band. The original lineup of band members did turn out a few originals, but they were kind of … terrible.

LIB: Do you guys sell any recordings – of your music?

IK: No recordings for sale to date. When we come up with something really cool, we will let everyone know!

LIB: What’s your personal favorite song to cover?

IK: Tough question, since it tends to change every few weeks for me. Last month was “Suspicious Minds” by Elvis … at the time of this writing, I’m in a Stevie Wonder phase, so maybe “Signed, Sealed, Delivered?”

LIB: Where can we see you guys perform next?

IK: This summer our performance schedule is lighter than usual, however, we will be appearing at some of our usual venues on Long Island, (Eleanor Rigbys, CJ Wellingtons, Michael’s Porthole) throughout the next few months, dates TBD.

Familiar tunes in familiar places – rock out with L.I. cover band Reprimand at your favorite local venues.

LIB: Tell us about some of your most memorable gigs.

IK: There are definitely a few stand out gigs that come to mind, I’ll share 2 with you. The first was when we got a call to play a Cinco de Mayo party for a crew team at a university in Scranton, PA. We ended up going to Scranton the day before and crashing the night with some friends in the area… The memorable part was definitely playing “Tequila” every few songs and watching the mayhem ensue. At the height of the mayhem, a girl ended up falling into the drum set and taking it out, just like in the movies (she wasn’t hurt!).

The other memorable gig was when we played for the 2011 Police and Fire Games, at the Jacob Javitz Center in NYC. The space we were playing was HUGE, and we had a great crowd of people. We all had a great time.

Check out recordings and stay up to date with Reprimand on their website and Facebook page.

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