Children’s Sports Connection 2013 Celebration Dinner


Anyone who’s been lucky enough to grow up playing sports understands how important that privilege can be. Sports can be an escape, a necessary sanctuary, and a happy place to a child who desperately needs those things to get through tough times. Sports and childhood development research studies illustrate the benefits of playing sports aren’t just physical.

Children’s Sports Connection Mission Statement

Children’s Sports Connection is a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to children from homes in the midst of a family crisis.

The CSC believes children can benefit emotionally if they are enabled to maintain an active involvement in organized sports. Participation in organized sports is the hallmark of a healthy lifestyle, which has proven to be beneficial for children of all ages. Through interaction with coaches, teammates, and other involved families, our program reinforces self esteem and provides positive role models.

How The Children’s Sports Connection Works

Families in crisis often find it difficult to devote their precious time and financial resources to athletic programs. Children’s Sport Connection evaluates such families and in turn awards grants to be used toward community league registrations, equipment, lessons and other sports-related costs of participation for eligible children.

Helping Kids To Stay In Sports!

Last Wednesday, Children’s Sports Connection hosted a celebration dinner to reflect on the organization’s impact and accomplishments thus far, and to look ahead at what is to come in 2014.  Featuring an auction and a raffle, the dinner was also a great opportunity to raise money for more kids to benefit in the future.

“The inspiration really did come from my experiences with my children … I want to thank my sons, Anthony and Dean D’Accolti. They gave me the opportunity to see what sports genuinely meant.” — Patricia D’Accolti, Executive Director of the Children’s Sports Connection

Executive Director Patricia D’Accolti is a hockey mom and her passion for this cause shows in everything she does. Her speech at the dinner was emotional and from the heart, and perfectly summarized what her organization is all about.

“We were going through a tough time and when we went to the rink everything would change. Whatever was bothering us before would just wash away. And I see that over and over again in every community I’m in.

Our children really are our future, and we can’t take away their dreams. Most of the children I meet aren’t dreaming about ruling the world, they’re dreaming about winning a game.”

Children's Sports Connection

3 Big Ways You Can Help The Children’s Sports Connection

Volunteer. The CSC is always looking for people to assist with events and help grow ideas that directly influence the children who participate in CSC programs. The Giving To Learn program is a distinguished hands-on program to help kids develop valuable life skills through giving.

Donate. There are two ways to donate to the Children’s Sports Connection. The CSC accepts donations via PayPal and more traditional forms of exchange such as a check. You may mail your donation to 1225 Franklin Ave. Suite 325 Garden City, NY 11530. If you have any questions regarding donations, call the CSC at 516.512.8922.

For those who wish to donate equipment to the Children’s Sports Connection, there is a simple online form to jump start the process. Gently used sporting goods are recommended but best practice is to contact the CSC to determine its use.

Fundraise. For the organization that is passionate about community causes and childhood development, you may organize a fundraiser with the Children’s Sports Connection to benefit kids in need.

Additional reporting by Christopher Ryan.

  • Children's Sports Connection NY 2013 Celebration Dinner

  • Children's Sports Connection NY 2013 Celebration Dinner

  • Children's Sports Connection NY 2013 Celebration Dinner

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