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If there was a quintessential NYC food, What would it be? I assume most would say pastrami on rye, maybe pizza, or a bagel, maybe a pizza bagel (we are really good at combining stuff.) I think there is a new sensation… introducing the chopped cheese!

The chopped cheese is quintessential New York sandwich. I’ve heard it called a NYC cheesesteak… it’s not! It’s a chopped cheese. What is it? On a hot grill take a hamburger patty, add raw onion. And cook. Use your spatula feverishly and cut up the burger until its minced and cooked, melt American cheese add lettuce, tomato and condiments and voila chopped cheese. If done right the entire process is 5 minutes long provided you use a hot grill. The chopped cheese is amazing! It’s like a hamburger but better, it’s like a Philly cheesesteak but amazing.

From what we understand the best Chopped cheeses come from uptown bodegas. Ground zero for this amazing sandwich is Hajji’s on 1st Ave in Harlem. Hajji’s is known for the chopped cheese. Hajji’s is on 1st and 111 St. It’s a stone’s throw away from The RFK bridge.

The chopped cheese is one of NYC finest. It’s a must go for any foodie!

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