Comedy and Beer! Yes Please!


This has been a long time in the making, but as the adage goes, better late than never. I’d like to say recently we saw a comedy show hosted by Eye Doctor productions. I’d like to say it, but it depends on how thin you can stretch a timeline.

The new Bellport Brewery has opened it’s doors to independent artists. This is what community should look like. The tasting room is phenomenal. It can seat 50 people comfortably, and once this scourge of Covid passes it can fit 80 easily. Perfect place to share a flight and laugh out laugh.

Flight time

Eye Doctor is the brainchild of Joe Mylonas. Joe is a product of Bellport, and a retired soldier serving the Army. He hosts a great night.

Joe Mylonas

The night started with a very funny comedian named Michelle Fox. I never seen her before, and I liked her. Most of her set was based on relationships, something we can all relate to. Her timing was really good.

Michele Fox


Mike Keegan is local comedy veteran. I’ve seen him a few times. At his core is this real self deprecating humor. I appreciated it cause it’s different from the political discourse I have been hearing constantly. It was a breath of fresh air. Joe Mylonas, is a really good compliment to Mike. Joe is brash and opinionated. I doubt he cares much what others think. That is where his genius lies.

Mike Keegan

Dennis Rooney headlined. I never seen Dennis before, and I really enjoyed him. He was polished and poised in front of the audience. I believe he just needs the opportunity. Once he’s discovered he might be headed for bigger audiences. Catch him now get in on the ground floor.

Dennis Rooney


Joe is hosting a trivia night at Bellport Brewery Wednesday August 18. Sign up is a 6PM. Grab a flight and hang out!

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