Corner of Maple and Main- Sonoma Grill


Is there anything more American than the corner of Maple and Main? How about Sonoma Grill? Make no mistake, Riverhead is currently in a boom and foodies can rejoice- Sonoma Grill is now open.


The Sonoma Grill name has been synonymous with excellence since 2002. You remember Sonoma Grill, the traditional American grill dotting the LIE at exit 63. They are now opened in Riverhead!


The vision of Executive Chef Ed Marinelli finally came true. Eight thousand glorious square feet devoted to our cuisine. While everyone waxes poetic about French, Italian or Japanese Cuisine, the American perspective is lost in the shuffle. That is no longer the case. Chef Marinelli has taken his years of experience eastbound.


 The fire pit coming soon

Sonoma Grill dressed in sunflowers and beautiful ceramic is simple but refined. It’s causal enough for jeans and a shirt but upscale enough to leave the ball cap in the car. This is what casual dining should be.



 Above- The Pretzel Appetizer Below- The San Diego Steak Wrap

They had their “Soft Opening” August 28, and the reception was fabulous. The packed house was eager to sample Sonoma East’s menu. For the LIB Team we shared a pretzel appetizer. It was buttery and delightfully chewy. The cheese sauce pairing was a beautiful addition. We also ordered the San Diego Steak Wrap. This was amazing! Tender juicy skirt steak served medium rare (perfection) with grilled tomatoes, sautéed onions, topped with cheddar and provolone finished with a Dijon Horseradish sauce. The amazing thing about this wrap is Sonoma baked their wrap. The wrap was thicker than the wrap skins sold commercially and added a great texture to the wrap. We were impressed with it so much we dubbed the wrap the “Sonoma Steak Wrap”- San Diego had nothing on this! My partner has the Buffalo Chicken Wrap but I would be hard pressed to believe it could be any better than my entree.


Like in most restaurants, details matter. Details like baking their own wraps. This ensures quality throughout the process. Goblet drinks. For $25 a huge goblet comes the table. This is at least a $35 value. There is no need for two-fers, one drink and your close to done. They offer brunch! For those who never experienced brunch it is incredible. Chicken and waffles finished in a Sriacha drizzle. Yes please! Get in gear mimosas? Yes please! Red velvet pancakes? Yes Please!


 Oreo Sundae

They had their “soft opening” last week, but the Grand Opening is coming soon. Check out their Facebook page. Sonoma Grill is located at 300 East Main St, Riverhead.

DSC_3404Staff at Sonoma Grill

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