Cosplayers unite at Eternal Con



Last weekend was the Annual Eternal Con at Cradle of Aviation in Garden City. Eternal Con is a pop culture Convention, with heavy emphasis on cosplay.


DSC_8262There were enough Storm Troopers, Darth Vaders and Jedis that we felt we were in a universe far, far away. The X-Men were in full parade that, for a moment I thought I was a figment of someone else’s imagination. When your soundings are brightly colored, and comes with a bunch of machinations and catch phrases, your reality came become askew.




DSC_8284How does one navigate around Marios from Super Mario Brothers, constantly trying to step on your head, Star Wars characters cutting you into pieces with their sabers, or Wolverines sharpening their adamantium claws. Its defiantly a daunting task.


When a group of like minded people get together and share ideas and experiences only good things happen. We noticed cosplayers getting together and role playing with one another. These are the perfect way of getting out of your own skin and be someone else.

Marky Ramone DSC_8333

Keep tuned to LIB Magazine for all future shows.

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