Dillon Francis Plays Two Sold Out Shows at Terminal 5


Los Angeles based DJ Dillon Francis made his way to New York’s Terminal 5 this past weekend. Francis played two sold out shows and LIB Magazine caught Saturday night’s performance. He played most of the show as Dillon Francis and about 20 minutes as his alter ego DJ Hanzel.

First time I saw Francis was at Electric Zoo in 2012. At that time, we heard of him and had not actually seen him prior, so we scouted him at Zoo. The [now] 26 year old DJ is one of the pioneers of moombahton and moombahstep. Moombahton is a fusion genre of EDM that incorporates elements of house and reggaeton. In other words, the normal house beat is slowed to about 100 beats a minutes and reggaeton percussion, such as drums, are added. This process provides thick bass lines, dramatic  builds and fast drum filled drops. Moombahstep is a deviation of moombahton and contains elements of breakbeats, tech steps and wobble bass. It takes the loose whoomp-whoomp sound associated with Dubstep and quickens it.

I do not mean to exaggerate but the third deck of Terminal 5 was literally bouncing up and down most of the night. This is the same exhilaration I feel on roller coasters, not knowing if you’re going to be safe or not.

Dillon Francis vs DJ Hanzel

About mid-way through the show Francis walked off stage, and reappeared 2 minutes later in shirt, bow tie, jacket and shades all the while smoking a cigarette on stage. He transformed to his alter ego DJ Hanzel. As Hanzel, he focuses more on rave house. Rave house is loud, fast and glorious. Francis is the future of this genre. Face it, stalwarts like Benassi, Guetta and Tiësto are in their mid to late 40s; Carl Cox is 51. EDM needs new, talented blood and Francis is primed for a boost.

This is the first time I’ve been to Terminal 5. I loved the space. Every now and again there comes a club that can change the rules. I believe Terminal 5 is one of them. The difference between Terminal 5 and most clubs was felt immediately.

Most clubs are exclusionary. It is in their nature. Most promoters feel an exclusive club will bring in sexier cliental, add an element of sophistication and finally be able to push bottle service. Bottle service is where clubs make their money. Some places are able sell their $40 bottle of Grey Goose for up to $600 and that does not include tip. Terminal 5 is less rigid. People were free to express themselves anyway they felt comfortable with. We were not pushed to purchase bottle service which was refreshing. They even went the extra step and offered free water!

All three tiers of Terminal 5 were packed. We stayed mainly on the third floor as there was more room to dance. Sightlines were fabulous and the acoustics were spot on.

On Saturday night, Francis showed he has been practicing for the past 16 months. His playlist included genres like progressive, acid and dirty house, along with some hip hop, R&B and Reggaeton, as well as some original tracks. He dropped his latest single I.D.G.A.F.O.S and this is going to be a banger! (You can Google the meaning on your own.)

Photo Credits: John Milovcic

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