Discover Long Island: The Long Island Greenbelt Trail


Looking to do something fun this summer? Long Islanders and tourists alike needn’t look any further.  On behalf of LIB magazine, I am proud to present the Greenbelt Trail.

At first sight, Sunken Meadow Park might seem like another popular attraction most Long Islanders can’t help but frequent.  Its calm waters and friendly atmosphere are all kin to the glimmering North Shore.  Ready with a playground, picnic tables, and a vast field for playing sports of any manner, Sunken Meadow is more than just another Long Island beach destination. In fact, the park is also home to a breathtaking trail which has remained a well-kept secret of nature enthusiasts.

greenbelt trail long island

Situated beyond a path of lush trees and swampy lakes lies the entrance to the Greenbelt Trail. Its readily hidden locale can be easy to miss, but definitely worth the search.  Just over a tiny bridge, walkers are welcome to stare off into the distant horizon… a romantic spot for sure.  The trail’s slight, fenced-off pathway is initially deceiving. Just as quickly though, the dirt road opens up into a forest straight out of a fantasy tale. Marked by high trees, a great variety of flora and adorable animals, the Greenbelt Trail is truly set to impress.

sunken meadow park green belt trail

Looking to get your exercise on? Greenbelt is the perfect place. High hills and steep curves on the trail layer its entire landscape. As a visitor of this trail, I can positively tell ya’ll that Greenbelt is not for the fainthearted. Bring a bottle of water, a pair of walking shoes, an am awesome friend (for safety measures, of course) and get ready to feel the burn!

long island hiking trails lake

This summer, make an oath to try something different and new. Tear yourself away from the beach (for only a few minutes, I promise) and take a walk over to the Greenbelt Trail. It is most definitely worth the trip for even the most novice of trailblazers.

If a wholesome workout up the winding trail is not enough to convince you, catching a cute bunny in the background will most certainly make for a spectacular selfie.  Happy exploring!

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