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The Rebirth of the Cigar” is the tag line used by Drew Estates. A center of culture is what Village Cigar Headquarters has become. When the two cigar powerhouses meet we get the Double Shot Cigar Event.


Drew Estate has been producing high quality sticks for a generation now. Their Acid line is a staple at all brick and mortar shops. The Acid Kuba Kuba, Deep Dish and 1400cc are amazingly aromatic cigars that burn like incense rather than tobacco. It’s the type of stogie that appeals to both the hard core smoker as well as the casual enthusiast. The Java line, with their heavy notes of decedent coffee, is the best dessert stick on the market. But it’s not about the hype it’s about substance. Drew Estate are the guys that produce Liga Privada 9, Undercrown, and the exclusive limited production Ratzilla!

In this present climate of finely made, small batched items, Jonathan Drew and Marvin Samel created a “craft smoke” a generation before it was the en vogue thing to do. These stick are created by the indigenous people of Esteli, Nicaragua. Drew Estate is more than a premium cigar line, it’s an attitude.


Fresh off VCH’s release of their premium hand rolled stick the Exclusivo comes the Drew Estates Double Shot Event. In the same realm of excellence that is Drew Estate comes an authorized Drew Diplomat store, Village Cigar Headquarters with locations in both Patchogue and Babylon. VCH is the first Drew Diplomat in Suffolk County. VCH is also 2015’s Best of Long Island cigar shop. VCH is more than a fantastic cigar shop, it’s a cultural center.



Friday in Patchogue join Drew Estate Zach, VCH owner Miguel plus staff and BOTL (Brothers of the Leaf) president Eddie Marinelli in Patchogue. This is the crossroads where production meets family, in other words this is the marriage of attitude and culture. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Friday night.



What is a VCH event like? A VCH event is like Christmas and New Years rolled into one. It’s a celebration of the spirit of making it another month, being able to enjoy our time together and living on our terms. It’s about finding the common denominators between all of us. Nothing tells this story better than shop regular AJ Mendez spending time with his father while enjoying a premium product. Something like this can bridge a generational gap.

Again the Drew Estate/ Village Cigar Headquarters Double Shot event will be held in Patchogue Friday, April 8.

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