The Ear Waxx Sessions Freestyle Hip Hop at Amityville Music Hall


Last night, The Ear Waxx Sessions hosted their second event which occurs on a weekly basis, every tuesday night at Amityville Music Hall. To start the night off, the stage was graced with smooth grooves from producers Illucid and Theravada. Featured acts of the night included Marlo DeMore and Ant Matos of Loose Camp. Although the two had their own respective sets, together both Matos and DeMore put on a hell of a show.

Matos opened his set up with crowd controlling Loose Camp anthems that had every one in the building on their feet and focused on center stage. Matos performed everything from songs that made you want to get wild and throw chairs in the venue to laid back heartfelt music catered to his wide female audience. The end of Matos’ set opened the Beginning of Marlo DeMore’s. The two blessed the audience with collaborative songs where both parties were able to showcase what they do best. The rest of the set consisted of jaw dropping bars and captivating songs from Marlos’ discography. The end of DeMore’s set is what I believe stuck with people when they left Amityville Music Hall last night. Marlo ended his run with a sharp acapella freestyle which put the icing on the cake and turned everyone in the crowd into believers. To see both artists doing their thing, check out the collaboration from Matos and DeMore titled ‘Bell DeVoe’ below, and be sure to check out The Ear Waxx Sessions every Tuesday night at Amityville Music Hall.
Bell DeVoe
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