Ella Vos shares new track & lyric video for “State of Emotion”


Ella Vos shares new track “State of Emotion” and lyric video from her anticipated second album Turbulence, out July 31st.
“‘State of Emotion’ is a snapshot of feeling overwhelmed in the lows and the highs,” Vos says. “I wrote this song shortly after discovering that I’m an ‘empath,’ or a highly sensitive person. Feeling deeply can be exhausting and scary, and oftentimes I find myself running away from this gift that allows me to connect deeply with others. In my work toward self-love and self-care I wanted to learn to sit with the uncomfortable and the different ‘states’ I find myself in, without jumping ship or trying to swim back to shore too soon. I hope ‘State of Emotion’ brings a sense of calm and rest to whatever state you’re in,” said Ella Vox.
Pre-order Turbulence here.
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