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When I started contributing for LIB Magazine in 2017, Emergence Arts didn’t exist. The concept was brewing, but truth is I was still hyper-focused on how to exhibit vedhead Photography. It’s around that time I asked any creative professional I met: how should I launch my photography business? Should I take head-shots? Submit my photos for stock catalogs? Commercial photography? Continue with submissions to publications and gallery exhibitions? I was finally ready to pursue photography after years of occupying roles in licensing, inventory, and building computers and started collecting people’s experiences, resources, references…

That’s when the opportunity to exhibit my photography as an arts editor for LIB came knockin’. John always liked my street art photos, I think the beauty street art brings to our neighborhoods is timeless, and this was the uni saying, “try this on, see if it fits“. (Digression: congratulate John for his first group exhibition and his stunning photographic work of Times Square during the pandemic!)

John has always challenged me to come up with all my own content, continue to write about my experiences in a sincere way that invites you to be part of it, hope it’s relevant and enjoyable for you, even a little bit inspiring. I’m still learning how to do all my own editing (hard skill to hone in on when multi-tasking), learn new ways to take and/or edit digital photos, and allows me to meet outstanding art folk and witness phenomenal works.

After a few years of being the writer, I took a sabbatical from LIB to once again launch something new, to create my own art events, curate my and others’ works, become one of the featured artists. I wanted to host the cool art exhibits. I wanted to cultivate a community of artists much like the ones I’ve been part of my whole life – inclusive, supportive, and infinitely colorful.

Summer of 2019, I took a trip to the beach for my birthday, to celebrate, cleanse, calm, connect with the self, start planning, perform rituals and enchantments, prepare for whatever was coming next. It was glorious. One night the hosts pulled out half a dozen decks of tarot and oracle cards so we went wild reading them. I pulled the Dragonfly card from the Earth Magic Oracle deck and its description was Emergence. Right then Emergence Arts was born and only further validated that I was ready to shed old skins and begin a brave journey of sacrifice for the sake of art.

Emergence Arts is now entering its third year as a living, breathing, growing arts collective that’s actively creating opportunities, mentorships, and events for artists to occupy. It’s inspiring to watch people connect, be part of the brainstorms, and get a taste of the healing vibration art activities have to offer. They breathe so much life into our daily lives, help us sort some of the realities we get stuck with, and personally helps me feel less helpless when the world is at war. I’ve seen with my own eyes how people blossom when they come to art events, meet other people, discover new places, and start to form their own pockets of communities, shining their gifts before us. I’m forever thankful for the artists who make art from the heART. (First and foremost the artists of NYC! #ThankYou)

Thanks for listening to the story of how vedhead Photography transformed into Emergence Arts and still only remains a piece of a bigger picture that is Braveheart Healing Arts (my intuitive life coaching program). I missed you and look forward to being back to highlighting what looks like worthwhile community art news and chill events for you.

Here’s a glimpse of a few topics in store for the rest of 2022. Just like the old daze except everything new. New eyes, new motivation, new places, new artists to share with you in hopes you’ll think they’re cool, too, and want to follow their art paths, maybe introduce yourself at a group show, definitely buy some merch or art, make donations, be kind, and support living artists – we heart you, too.

Emergence Art PRESENTS!

– Revival of the Wanderlust – Street Art series, the photos of NYC’s urban graffiti artists that LIB readers really loved. The street art posts were the most highly complimented posts when I crossed paths with some of you. The 2022 version will be Explore Street Art (Borough) – starting with street artist Alan Aine, mostly in the Brooklyn ‘hoods of Crown Heights, Prospect Heights, Fort Greene, and Bed-sty (and more, I’m sure, but these are the ones I can guarantee you’ll sight a piece or three), and DUEL RIS (7 Line Art Studio), Miki Mu, and Michael Cuomo – there are so many brilliant guerilla artists out there.

– Did I ever share my vedhead Photography series of Schwinn bikes around the world? I think I did, but just in case: It started one gloomy day with a walk through Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Over by McCarren Park I spotted a gorgeous cream colored Schwinn that read COFFEE on the frame. That’s when I couldn’t stop noticing how many Schwinns existed on the planet and that they, too, were obsessed with different series. So excited to finally share this with more people. (And I have a feeling I’ve already started this series here, so it’ll be fun to go back and see…)

– Can’t wait to bring you photos of the artists I met at the exhibits I attended last year for DQYDJP, Savior El Mundo, Robots Will Kill (RWK), ONe Rad Latina, and so many many more!

– NFT’s. Yeah, I’m not always sure I know what the hell they are either, but I’m a contributing artist for two platforms and plan on growing that world. Get started on OpenSea.io and Disrupt.Art Just follow the step-by-step, do a little old fashioned googling with your fingertips, archaically read instructions, and viola! You’re ready to sell your art on the virtual plane.

Silent Dance Parties where you just dance (sober, donation based, three dance channels, tune in & out to whichever ones you want) mainly in Brooklyn. Relax, decompress, chill. This is part of the movement healing series by Braveheart Healing Arts. Safe space to shake out so much of the stress, anxiety, insecurities, to untangle all the bullshit.

– Emergence Arts Presents so many wonderful community events! All FREE (donations welcome). About to launch two more Drink & Draw events, one in Queens at the other in Brooklyn leaving me available to do a third, if I want. (Should I?) Exhibits coming May, June, July, August, Sept. Outdoor summer installations, NYC Artist Gallery – there’s a tremendous amount of fun, hope to see you at any of these!

– I dunno about you, hope you didn’t experience as tough two years of covid as I did. I’m rebuilding my life in a whole new way. It’s taken me a while to get here (and yes, certainly after so many unnecessary detours) and so fucking excited for the future. It’s so bright! That being said – I brought this all up because I signed up to be a Demo Specialist for Hella Cocktail! (Let me know if you’re interested, I’ll refer you), a Recommender for Seek Recs NYC, and hoping to start a full time at a joyful little local health foods market in the next coming weeks.

– To help pay rent I also started background acting as an extra in movies, tv shows, and music videos. In a season I met a ton of really interesting actors and artists and got a peek into how movies are made. (FUCKTON of work! But what a sensational field to see from the very bottom.) If you’re interested in acting, ask me how to explore background and supporting work, acting classes and barter programs, as well as production, voiceovers, theater, and so many other opportunities.

I’m so thrilled to have so many wonderful new things to share with you! Don’t forget to follow me on Insta and stay in touch.

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