EPMD Comes Home to Long Island at The Emporium Patchogue


Photography by Linda Struffolino

EPMD’s Homecoming: Most of us have big dream. With one of the biggest cities in the world virtually in our backyard, it’s very hard not to dream big.  Both New York and Long Island inspire skyscraper-sized aspirations.

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There was duo from Brentwood that dreamt that big.  We know them as Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith; the world knows them as EPMD.
As an impressionable child, hip hop was important to me. Throughout my Ridgewood, Queens neighborhood, EPMD’s Crossover was the track of Summer between the 8th and 9th grades.  “Crossover” was a slickly produced, fast paced track that had just the right amount of “chill” in it’s hook. Now years later, I found out they are playing The Emporium.  I was so there!

The Emporium in Patchogue was brightly lit and had an excited crowd standing at attention.  The undercard was filled local talent looking to kick some doors in..  just like EPMD did 25 years ago!  We met a very excited, locally grown MC named John D. who is an up and comer following his dream, wherever it leads.  That night at Emporium, John’s perseverance led him under bright blue light on what is arguably the best large scale stage Long Island has to offer.  By the end of his set, John D broke out a red ski mask and left his all in Patchogue with original single “Survival”.

The Emporium in Patchogue was this week's spot for Brentwood natives EPMD to tear the house down
Ancient Tongues was another interesting act.  The five-member act came complete with a separate percussion: Their bass guitar/bongo combination was truly phenomenal!  It added such a deep, rich sound to the music. Paired with Deap One’s raspy voice, the set just worked.
Central Islip’s Keith Murray just ripped it. I completely forgot about Murray, until he sang his hit “The Most Beautifulist Thing in the World”.  Every memory I had of this song (dating back to the mid-’90s) came rushing back in one fell swoop.  Lyrics along with a bit of nostalgia, hit me like nothing ever before.  I was instantly transformed to that kid playing stick ball down the street. That is the power of music. Music provides a bed for all our memories.

epmd concert backstage

LIB Magazine’s John Milovcic backstage with a legend of rap duo EPMD

As for the stars of our show, EPMD, an approximately 30-minute performance sounded as slick today as it did back in the day. Their delivery was perfect; their timing flawless.  Having the duo’s entire entourage was on stage and made for a some clutter that was of minor importance to adoring hip hop fans who came out to see them rule the night.  EPMD and friends gathered on stage afterwards for a classic finale.

EPMD are legends; everybody knows that legends take time to craft.  However,  the time was well spent in the case of these Long Island artists who are “Strictly Business”.   With a penchant for rocking the party, of course.

On camera interviews for EPMD will be available later this weekend on LIB Mag!

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