Erick Morillo spins Freeport


Aloha Freeport! There is a new addition to the Nautical Mile- Maui on the Mile. There is no better way to kick off the summer with International sensation, DJ Erick Morillo on the decks.Yes, Erick Morillo’s definitely in the house.

This was the third time we’ve seen Erick Morillo- the first in an open air area. Morillo in this type of setting is amazing! He had his signature big Kool- Aid smile stretched ear to ear, the oversized headphones around the crown of his head and crazy decibels blasting through the impressive sound system. A little rain was not going to damper our spirits! As he was toying with his massive track Live your Life a rainbow spanned from Freeport to I believe Ibiza.


Erick Morillo

From what I understand New York’s own DJ Skribble was responsible for this night. Skribble went back to his roots, playing the old rave culture tracks, reminding us all why we all love house. Yes thankfully this was a house night, not an EDM show.

DJ Skribble

Maui on the Mile is hosting the gorgeous Miss Jennifer this Saturday July 8th. It promises to be a great show.

Flyer for Miss Jennifer 

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