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Members of Revel 9 and Craving Strange

Things end. After legendary runs places like 54, CBGBs and Even Flow eventually close. Most times we wish they wouldn’t but that out of our hands. It’s been almost two months since Danny Wiseman cooked his last batch of chicken wings. Two months since Czech Funk brought a tear to all of our eyes during their 2 hour finale. It’s been two months since local independent music had a home. Even Flow wasn’t a bar- it was a family.


Czech Funk during the 2 hour finale.



I can’t listen to Pearl Jam without a swiping a tear from eye. It is my opinion that memories are riddled with music. One guitar riff can bring back a million memories. I always thought independent music was a waste of time. I never thought it was very good. That all changed the first time I heard of Craving Strange. These guys were amazing the first time I saw them. But that was once… Could they duplicate it? Yes they can… Over and over and over again. I am yet to see a bad Craving Strange show.

10922844_392575367586093_5244714843050615439_nCraving Strange


Jimmy Gerovac- Craving Strange

Revel 9 is another band I got to learn and love at Even Flow. Not only were these guys amazing, but man can they play. Revel 9’s San Jose was the soundtrack to my last summer. Every BBQ I hosted last summer, this song was played and sung by all attendees. Even Flow was the place I fell in love with them.


Jimmy Gerovac (left) DJ Pearlman (Right)

The beautiful thing about Even Flow is that before or after a show, the musicians would hang around. It created this amazing dynamic of blending talent with the crowd and the crowd with the talent. This place destroyed mainstream music for me, thankfully. Unlike main stream musicians these guys are accessible. Because of Even Flow’s vibe I actually stopped going to concerts in bigger arenas like MSG or Hammerstein. Small venues are where it’s at.

 Renegade Radio hanging out with members of Revel 9, Jackknife Stiletto and The Vinyl Plane


Bill Manspeaker of Green Jelly

This is about being a part of something bigger than yourself. We all said we would stay in contact, but it never happens. Life gets in the way. We enjoyed our time or at least I hope you did. Two months later it still surprises me that the center of our little collective worlds was a person I am proud to call a friend- Danny Wiseman. Months later I realize I took the time we had for granted. I assumed it would last indefinably. I thought people would shuffle in and out but the core would remain the same.


Even Flow closing is a sad thing. A lot of us lost our spiritual homes. Even Flow wasn’t just about friends, or amazing wings or even great music- it was about a whole lot more. Even Flow was about relationships. Tight ones, some that could last a lifetime. It was a musician’s hang out. As an aspiring writer/ photographer these were my type of people. Things end, it’s sad. It’s painful, but I am so grateful to have been a part of it.

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