Evvolution Announces Partnership with Omlet Arcade


Ad consultancy agency Evvolution officially announces a strategic partnership with top mobile live game streaming platform, Omlet Arcade. Through this new partnership, Evvolution provides unique mobile marketing and creative ad placement options.

“Here at Evvolution we invest a lot of time in researching the next up-and-coming ad solutions for our clientele. We are incredibly impressed with Omlet Arcade’s engaged gaming community that enables granular targeting and various placement options. When run in a strategic way, we are confident it will support efficient campaigns that connects the advertisement with the most committed section of their target audience,” said Stanislava Todorova, COO of Evvolution.

Omlet’s strong influencer presence and user-friendly ad formats, developers can build brand awareness in a natural way while users engage with the platform, thus merging both the branding and performance models. Omlet Arcade supports both mobile and browser traffic making it more diverse.

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