Explore Street Arts in Brooklyn: Alan Aine


There are always a couple of things I tell folks when they visit or just move here:

– The best way to get to see the city is experience it for yourself, ditch the maps. Pick a neighborhood without a real destination and stop into a cafe or bar, chill at a park w/ a bodega beer (chances of meeting a bodega cat super high), look for street art  – challenge yourself to be part of it instead of see it in passing or on Insta.

– Take the ferries! Goodness, we talk about hidden gems, that’s definitely one of them. Rain or shine, you’ll see the city in the most intimate way, something that’s not captured on any film or live.

– Street Art Walking Tours – take yourself on them. Pick a street artist you love and find out where their works are – then start wandering. When you follow the artists, they lead you to the real cool shit. They host art shows, dance parties, workshops, and a whole bunch of other fun community art events.

Brooklyn street artist Alan Aine kicks off this fresh wanderlust series written by yours truly featuring today’s most respected street artists. It’s been a long while since I took you on a walking tour of some of NYC’s greatest galleries and introduced you to today’s creative influencers so let’s get right to it with their work of amazing arts.

I’ve spotted Aine mainly Bed Sty, Fort Greene, Crown Heights, and Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Tons of amazing local cafes and restaurants to support, tons of street artists showering the community with their positive + creative messages.

Have you seen Aine? Tag @lib_mag + street artists on Instagram and show some hashtag loves with #WeAreLIB.

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