Young Money Problems: Is It the Fall of YMCMB?


Remember when the Wu Tang Clan was the biggest group in hip hop and no one could stop their momentum? How about when Dipset ran the streets in the early to mid 2000’s? What about the Ruff Ryders when DMX, The LOX, Eve and Swizz Beatz was the only thing hot in the streets?

The above groups and their members still have a presence in the music game, but have certainly seen a decline in popularity and influence. Without major labels backing them, such artists have less reach to this generation. It’s not a question about their previous impact, it’s just a sad reality kingdoms fall and so do rappers. Nothing last forever.   In every rap group just like a kingdom there are cycles they go through. The rise to power, Stardom Phase, I’m Still Hood Phase, Decline Phase, and last: the Old Rapper phase. I might expand on these phases for my next article, but for now just think about the current state of Young Money/Cash Money.

lil twist young money

Lil Twist left Young Money records after allegedly robbing a young TV star.

Lil Twist has left the group and he now on the run for allegedly a physical altercation and robbery of Nickelodeon child star Nick Massey and his brother. In hip hop your image and street code are your life line. So when Turk, a former member made allegations that Baby and members of Cash Money used to kiss all the time. Fans started to question the sexual nature of the relationships in the group. If you remember years ago Lil Wayne walked on 106 and Park and kissed Baby on the mouth and made a tidal wave effect on their credibility as superstar, thug playboys.

nicki minaj controversial nazi video

Nicki Minaj has since apologized for the controversial imagery for video “Only”

Nicki Minaj has also been taking a lot of heat for her new video and the imagery that is reminiscent of the Nazi symbolism Hitler used during his tyrannical reign of terror. Nicki has since apologized for it, but I think her “My new boyfriend is Jewish, so I can’t be racist”, the excuse is lackadaisical at best. It’s like saying, “I’m not sexist, how could I be I have a mother?” I’m not saying Nicki is anti-Semitic, but I thought Nicki was at the stage in her career where she has the power to approve of disapprove her videos and imagery before it goes public. Birdman aka Baby also has some issues going on. He owes over 1 million for a construction, renovation to the Zankey construction company that worked on the project.

Now, this is not cause for an alarm YMCMB fans. They can pull through these troubled waters and come out better than before. My hope is these setbacks don’t become long lasting hurtful roadblocks for them.

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