By Steve Smart

You knew it was late

And this wasn’t a time for a stroll

But you were lonely

And sought the company of the wind

So you did it

Did it in

Pitch-black darkness

With shadows fit for drowning

The kind that extends eerily unto infinity

The kind that

Threaten to snatch your last breath

A shapeless stranglehold

That locks at your throat

Til death does you part

Uninvited intimacy

Glides along your neck

Paranoia fills the soul as

Comfort bubbles pop

Feelings of safety, are gone with the wind

You speed walk intensely

As if it hides the fact you wish to run

To be far away from where you are

And whoever might be with you

Fear propels across your body

Intersecting at spine chills

Panic drives erratically throughout you

Crashing at now wobbly legs

A leaf crunches on the floor

A leaf you did not step on

Stumbling forward you hit pavement

You turn to face what cannot be seen

But you feel

You feel the blade

Plunging down your thigh

In a jagged zig-zag

Slowly ripping and tearing flesh

While you shriek and wail

It continues like nails clawing a chalkboard

Slowly down the leg

Blood gashes erratically

On the pavement, in your face

All the way down to the shin

This must be the end you imagine

As you’re dragged into damp grass and dirt

The knife spears through your palm

Planting firmly into the earth

You’re down, and you’re not getting up

And then, nothing

Bleeding to death

Cowering in agony

Trembling and losing consciousness

Waiting for it to all be over

Judging by the silence

It might be a while

You feel like a kid

Lost and far from home

But children are afraid of the dark

But you weren’t

Congratulations, you brave fool


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