Featured Artist: Brian Kirhagis, BK The Artist


All paintings are copyrighted images of Brian Kirhagis, BK The Artist. Photographs courtesy of vedhead Photography. Opening exhibition reception June 2018 at Dean Borghi Fine Art Gallery, Chelsea, Manhattan, NY.

Chelsea is a prismatic place to pass through regularly for a glimpse into the art world. Every night is pretty much a gallery hop in that neighborhood; an area surrounded in interactive pieces, a mix of the old world and new, occupied with tourists, residents, students, and art geeks alike, gravitating toward curious styles and unique works. It’s always exciting to visit random new galleries, peek in, possibly meet the artists, take time to chat about their influences for the project, and gain insight to future projects and goals. They’re always an adventure!

I’ve been quiet here in the magazine, but that’s because I’ve been visiting tons of galleries and meeting artists of every walk of life. Early June, Luisa and I both had receptions we wanted to visit within the week. One was the Robert Mann Gallery to meet the artist Marilyn Artus in person after featuring her in LIB earlier this summer. Her piece Connie Walked Into the Chamber Knowing the Fight Would Be Hard (Connie Johnson), 2018, has been showcased In Her Hands curated by Orly Cogan and Julie Peppito. The other was the Dean Borghi Fine Art Gallery showcasing Brian Kirhagis, BK The Artist’s E.A.R.T.H. series (Everything Always Returning To Her).

Both receptions were packed! I could only describe so many of the galleries visited this summer as being most successful in throwing electrifying parties to acclaim talented artists. The crowd was sweaty and people sought out spots near fans as we networked, the analysis of every shape, line, and color deafening, my childhood Twister obsession helping me snake my way through the crowds with minimal contact to view the artwork close and not bang up my camera.

Prior to attending this opening with Luisa, I’d never heard of BK the Artist. I instantly fell in love with Kirhagis’ thoughtful tribute to women with precision and fluidity in his gorgeous series. Organic matter woven into their bodies, shells of a scene from the vascular psyche within us all, the worship of breath and heartbeat. These woman are honored in each piece as divine goddesses of daily life, unseen by the naked eye, beings who find their ground and thrive in a world that continuously seeks any way to cut them down.

I didn’t have a chance to meet the artist this round, but I felt fortunate to see his work and now follow both him and the gallery to see what comes next. Hopefully at his next big event. Luisa and I bounced around to a few more openings, wandered brightly lit galleries, chatted about the beginning of our summer fun, networked with fellow fine artists, and finally parted ways abuzzed with new creative ideas for our own projects.















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