Five Stylish Ways to Rock a Corset


BY Rebecca Siggers

A corsets is a fashionable garment which is inspired by the Victorian era. Wearing them can make your outfit look edgy and attractive. You will definitely stand out in if you wear a corset. In fact, they give come with a few benefits for you too, like an appearance of a smaller waist, provides with bust support and a better posture.

Corsets are versatile. They can be worn both under and over bust, under clothes, as a top in itself or as a dress. They also come in various types of materials and fabrics, be it satin, leather, cotton, spandex, steel boned, ribbon, mesh and even velvet.

There are various ways you can wear a corset and look perfect in it. We have a few tips that you can try and experiment to wear a corset, create a perfect outfit and look fabulous.

1. An Underbust Corset

An underbust corset can be worn over different clothings, under your bust line to and create a completely different look. You can put it over a simple shirt or a top and create a new outfit.

Underbust corsets can also be worn over dresses and they will definitely make you look more stylish. You can even play with interesting colors, patterns and prints. They also give your bust a good lift and can make your chest look perky. A flattering bust and small waist is surely an envious sight!

2. Vintage Clothing

If you want to go retro, corsets are perfect to be paired with vintage clothes. They are exactly what you need for that dreamy Victorian look. Get a few unique retro- like pieces for your outfit like flared skirts and create a well shaped, tailored look, just like the ladies did in the golden era.

3. A Bridal Outfit

If you want to be a glamorous bride, get a corset- inspired bodice for your bridal outfit. You can wear it under the gown or as a visible part of the outfit.

Don’t leave the fitting for the last minute. It is advisable that you choose the piece well ahead in time and get it tailored properly for your big day as you will need extra room for it. You can also wear it with a skirt as a two piece outfit. This style tip will definitely make you look like a beautiful yet fashionable bride.

4. A Corset Dress

For a perfect summer outfit, go for a corset dress. Not only will they look extremely flattering, but they are cute and hot at the same time. They are breezy and very in. Play with colors and patterns in a corset dress. Try wearing a floral corset over a white dress and see the magic.

5. Mix- n- Match

You can go further to spice up your outfit. Experiment with accessories and other clothing pieces when you wear your corset. For example, team it up with jeans or pants and a blazer. You can also wear a necklace on your bare neck when you wear the corset as a top. This will look really attractive and is a great date outfit. You can even wear a warm coat or cape over it. You can also try wearing satin, leather, brocade and cotton outfits.

You don’t have to hold back from playing with this stylish piece of garment. Corsets can be worn in all seasons. You can make your outfit look hotter by wearing them with even a simple outfit. They are versatile and can light up the outfit, making it look quirky. Remember to ensure your comfort level and make sure to buy them according to your body type.


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