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Nothing is more annoying than going into a store to buy something and getting bombarded by credit cards offers. The promise of 10% off, free gift with offer or some high school kid asking for your social security number is just irritating. I know big box retailers aren’t in the business of sales- they are in the business of banking! Besides, I have no interest in having my world look like everyone else’s. It’s just not what I am into. I want my life to be authentically mine. That is why I prefer to go the mom and pop route whenever possible.

If your like me, and I think I’m not alone, I try not to shop at Macys, Penney’s, Best Buy or Kay Jewelers. I try really hard to stay out of those places, sometimes to no avail.

Recently I needed a gift. I wanted to buy a Jade Bracelet. Jade was the obvious choice. Jade represents good luck for receiver and giver of the gift. It is also protection. It is fabled that whenever a piece of Jade is broken it saved you from something hurtful.

I made my way to old reliable Flushing. If you are ever looking for something specific go to Flushing! Flushing has it all. As someone who is Boro born, I used to considered Downtown Flushing grimy and unfriendly and I was wrong!

After walking into and out of the several fancier Main St fronted stores, I made my way into something that resembled a small flea market. They call it the “Busy Mall.” Like normal, I found what I was looking for once I got rid of the distractions of elegant chandeliers and intricate carpets. I crave simple. Give a showcase, good lighting and a friendly mom and pop staff. Give me Jalee Jewelry.

Jalee Jewelry is off the beaten path. It’s four or five store fronts from the entrance. No blinking neon or anything like that. Jalee Jeweler is small and simple- functional. The had amazing pieces on display. Jalee has turned jewelry into pieces of art. There were a handful of pieces designed and created in house. These will not be replicated. It is uniquely yours!

Jalee is everything that a mom and pop shop should be. It’s a family business. The big difference between big box retailers and mom and pop is, buying from a Big Box store, you support a CEO in his efforts to buy another mansion. Buying from small locally owned shop helps a family survive. The smaller shop also understands the community better- they are in a better position to react to neighborhood needs and wants.

Mother’s Day is a month away. Take the trip to Flushing. Meet our friends at Jalee. You will not be disappointed.

Our Friends are located at 37-12 Main St Flushing, NY.

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