Frank Zummo aspires drummers on The Loyal to the Craft Tour


Frank Zummo, best known as the drummer for Sum 41, teamed up with SJC drums to mentor young drummers on The Loyal to the Craft Tour. SJC co-founder Mike Ciprai stated, “I’m so excited to bring this show on the road with Frank and a sponsor like Vans, whose ethics, culture and creativity and outside the box thinking they foster is so impactful. “

What questions about drumming do you get asked the most during your clinics?

Zummo: The #1 question always asked is advice for aspiring drummers. The goal of these clinics is to inspire and I hope to see these upcoming drummers on a clinic stage one day!

Why did you decide to mentor young drummers?

Zummo: I think is really important to inspire the youth!

What age did you start playing the drums?

Zummo: I started at 2 years old when I discovered my father’s drum set.

Who influenced your drum style? / Who is your favorite drummer of all time?

Zummo: I was raised on rock, funk and classical music. Drummer wise, John Bonham, Buddy Rich, the James Brown drummers & Tommy Lee were the drummers that really shaped me. My first concert at age 5 was Motley Crue & Ozzy at Nassau Coliseum on Long Island and after watching Tommy Lee play I knew that’s what I wanted to do for the rest of my life!

Do you like teaching or performing better?

Zummo: I really enjoy them both equally.

Any upcoming records or tours for Sum 41?

Zummo: After the “Loyal To The Craft Tour” wraps, I head to Europe & UK for 3 weeks of Festivals w/ Sum 41. Then we head to Chicago for Riot Fest. We’ll start recording our new record soon as well.

What’s next for you?

Zummo: Drums, drums and more drums! Ha! Then this fall my family gets a bit bigger as we welcome our 2nd child.

Head down to The House of Vans tonight for this fun and free event, for more details click here.

Frank Zummo

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